An open letter to LiveKindly and PlantBasedNews.

Dear LiveKindly and PlantBasedNews! First, let me start by saying that I appreciate what you do. I appreciate it so much that I applied for an internship and a job opening at LK (freelance journalist […]

Why all vegans should support free speech.

Do you want to freely share slaughterhouse footage and facts about the dairy industry on social media? Do you want to have the freedom to share your opinion about what happens to dairy cows? Well, […]

3 ways you can help animals from other countries.

Remember all those times when you wanted to help bulls in Spain, polar bears in the Antarctica, and goats at a farm sanctuary in the United States, but felt powerless because you live so far […]

Eco-living tips: Start using reusable bags.

As someone who only started to dive into the depths of living an eco-friendly lifestyle less than a year ago, I can say that starting to use reusable bags was one of those transforming moments […]