Yet again, Sam Harris introduced me to a new person who can teach me more about meditation than I already know. This time the person I got introduced to was Dan Harris.

Many of you know Dan Harris from TV, but I know him purely due to his podcast 10% Happier where he talks to interesting people about meditation and mindfulness.

I didn’t have big expectations about the 10% Happier book. To me, it seemed to be just another read on the topic of meditation. Not bad just average. And yes, all that thinking was happening before I even read the book.

But still, I bought it because I love books and I love learning.

10% Happier is actually perfect. It’s the best book for your average human who knows what meditation is but kind of thinks you have to be Dalai Lama to practice it or live in the Himalayas.

It’s perfect for your mother who likes to go shopping but craves emotional stability, and for your father who likes his evening news but wants to fall asleep fast and without any worries on his mind. It’s also perfect for your sister who just got a baby and thinks her mind will never be able to think clearly again because there is simply too much noise around her now.

10% Happier is the ideal introduction to meditation for 99% of people on this planet.

While Waking Up made me sit down and meditate, and Mindfulness helped me understand the power of impermanence, it was 10% Happier that showed me I don’t need to strive for perfection or to become enlightened, but just to become 10%, you guessed it, happier.

Because that’s all you really need. To be a little bit happier, a little bit more mindful, a little bit more able to step back and look at the big picture and feel grateful for everything in your life – even if that gratitude only lasts for a few minutes at a time. Every second matters.

Dan brings you with him on his personal journey, and while the book may feel more like an autobiography than a self-help book, you can step into his shoes and just feel human. Because he talks about all the things you and I feel.

The book is not intended to tell you how Dan went front a neurotic journalist to a Buddha worshipping yogi, but to show you how to hold the wheel in the car that is your life and know that even though accidents might happen, you have 10% of the control over how the ride goes.

Go to your local library and borrow the book or find it on Amazon or in any other bookstore that you love. It will convince you to meditate; I really believe that.

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