Vegan bloggers! Let me give you 10 tips that you need.

When I started blogging, almost 5 years ago (updated in 2019), I had no idea that it will take me that long to start seeing any growth in my monthly views and followers on my social media. I assumed that in a matter of months I will already be earning thousands of Euros and brands will be calling me every day to work with me.

Sadly, that is not the reality for me, but nonetheless, I want to give a few tips to new vegan bloggers who expect to hit the top in no time.

I’m a very honest person and I would never lie to you about how big my blog actually is (I still feel like a beginner) to impress you and make you feel like I know all the answers. I don’t. What I do know is how to reach out to people who might find your writing interesting and how to motivate yourself to write when you are not seeing any results.

If you are okay with a non-famous vegan blogger giving you the advice on how to blog, hop on the train and we shall begin.

  1. Be creative. Yeah, I know you hear this all the time but do you actually live by it? When you are writing, I want you to put all of your personality in the posts and talk to your readers the way you would talk to your friends.
  2. I would rather see you write one post a month than write one post every single day and don’t bring any value to the people. Quality over quantity; every time. If that one post is good, then I will be eager to wait for a month to get another one, but if your seven monthly posts suck, well, I probably do not love myself enough to have read them all in the first place.
  3. Scheduling is your best friend. This post that you are reading right now was written in early June. Hey, if you feel like writing ten posts in a row, you might as well use that creativity bomb and schedule in advance. More time to work on your mailing list, am I right?
  4. Choose two (or three) social media platforms and focus on them. Again – quality over quantity.
  5. Step by step, baby, step by step. Things are going to take time and unless you are born under a lucky star, you won’t be seeing any big results in the first few years of blogging.
  6. Know your WHY and focus on bringing the value to your readers. If you are vegan, I assume that you want to save the animals, so let that be your focus and motivation. Whenever you feel like you have no ideas left, just go back to your why and what you want people to know about the topic that you are most passionate about and search for ideas there.
  7. Put a freaking photo of yourself on your blog! I hate when I am reading a post and don’t know who is the person who has written it. I want to know what color your hair is and whether or not you wear glasses. We are visual beings!
  8. Brand. Your. Blog. Choose your three colors and a few fonts, and then put them everywhere so that I know it’s you and I can feel at home on your website. People love a routine, so give me something to attach to and miss when I’m gone.
  9. Offer them something they can’t refuse. Write an eBook or create a video series – give people something to change their lives and invite them to join your mailing list. Your mailing list is your deepest connection to people that you want to focus on. They are the ones that will move the world with you and they are the ones that will buy your shit.
  10. Be honest but not too honest. Look, I openly admit that I am not a feminist and that I am for closing the borders in Europe, but I am careful (at least I think I am) that people don’t think of that when they read my posts. Sometimes I lose my shit on Twitter, but I know that if I cross the line my website will suffer and my message of compassion towards the animals will be lost. Know yourself, get personal, get honest – but know how far you are willing to go before you let your personal beliefs and opinions affect the greater message that your blog has.

There you go, lovely. I am positive that you will find at least one tip that will work for you and will help you with your new blogging journey. The important thing is that we know why we are doing it and what we want to achieve with our words.

My blogging purpose is to inspire people to go vegan and live a happy vegan lifestyle. Animals are everything to me.

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I think that all vegan bloggers should unite and create one big community of compassionate bloggers.

I wish all of you beautiful vegan bloggers nothing but the best and if you want to know why no one is reading your vegan blog, make sure to check out my post on that exact topic here.