20 awesome vegan blog post ideas (if you blog).

As a writer and a blogger, I can assure you that I know exactly how it feels when it seems that all the great ideas are gone and there is nothing to write about. Especially if you happen to be a vegan blogger because there are almost no vegan blog post ideas written specifically for us.

As someone who has been doing this for the past 5 years and waited for almost 4 years to see the results of hard work, I know that you need support and inspiration to continue.

I want to help you, so I created this list of 20 amazing vegan blog post ideas that will help you out whenever you encounter writer’s block.

Quick note – they may not be SEO friendly so that is your job to check before you post.

Vegan blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers:

  • My favourite vegan-friendly podcasts of ______ (year) (example – A must listen to podcast for vegans)
  • How I buy organic and vegan in ______ (city or town)
  • Vegan brands that I can’t live without. (example – my review of my favorite brand ALVERDE.)
  • How I feed my dog a plant-based diet (and how you can do it too). (example – How I got my dog to go vegan.)
  • My vegan shoe collection that is actually affordable + pretty

Vegan blog post ideas for food bloggers:

  • Five easy vegan pie recipes (that only take 10 minutes to make)
  • My favourite vegan recipe of the _____ (month)
  • Best spices for preparing a vegan _____ (specific meal)
  • Spend only 3€ or less on these easy vegan lunch boxes
  • Super simple vegan meals for people who hate cooking

Vegan blog post ideas for fashion and beauty bloggers:

  • Why my make up collection is completely vegan + CF
  • 5 steps to recognizing quality vegan make up brands
  • My collection of faux leather jackets (that are of good quality)
  • How to dress cozy without using wool or fur
  • Where to buy ethical vegan clothing for dogs
  • Where to buy amazing cruelty-free and vegan shoes. (Example – Best vegan and cruelty-free shoes)

Vegan blog post ideas for men (because let’s face it, most blog post ideas are targeted at women):

Vegan blog post ideas for mommy bloggers:

  • What does my toddler eat on a plant-based diet?
  • Storytime: How I had a successful vegan pregnancy

Okay, did you find a good idea?

As you probably noticed I use the word plant-based sometimes, because I think it’s important to play around with words a little bit and because the focus was going to be mainly on the foods one eats and not the lifestyle one lives.

For me personally, I am most creative when I am not alone or in silence. I need the silence to write, but I also need to listen to something that does not include words. I used to write while having an episode of Gossip Girl (my second all-time favourite TV show, right behind Supernatural) playing in the background, but have now switched to listening to classical music, instrumental music, or simply listening to an ASMR video where someone does something nice (no, I am totally not telling you what I like).

If you want even more ideas, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you really, really want to write about but feel like no one would want to read?
  • What knowledge do you have that no one else has?
  • What previous posts have been well received? (example – one of the most read posts on my website is this one)
  • What does your community crave to know about the topic you are all interested in?

Ask yourself these questions and write down a few ideas for blog posts based on the answers you get.

If you are struggling with getting people to read your blog, here is a post that I wrote on that exact topic and I think it might help you out. But if you are super new at this whole blogging thing, just jump on this post here and learn the basics.

To be completely honest with you, every week I am struggling with finding a good topic to write about, simply because I have so many of them yet I know that I need to stick to the topics about veganism and animal rights. Sometimes I write a post on climate change or about books that I love, but there are so many topics that I want to explore, like meditation, space, and technology.

But at the end of the day, the most important thing we can do as vegan bloggers is to stick to the topics that will help the animals and bring awareness to the reality of their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with publishing a post where you whine about your family or a post where you talk about yourself and who you are, but I think it should be only every 10th post.

The focus should be on three things:

  • How can you tell people about veganism in a non-intrusive way (especially if you are a lifestyle blogger and you talk about how you live your life)?
  • How to convince people that the change to a vegan lifestyle is the best thing they can do (because it is).
  • How can you teach people about the vegan lifestyle and introduce it in a joyful yet smart way?

If you can manage to do all these three things, you, my friend, have won.

Let me know in the comment which vegan blog post ideas have won you over and seduced you enough that you will write about them. And let me know if you are a vegan blogger because I would absolutely love to see your website.

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