Day: February 17, 2019

Live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle in 3 steps.

Last year we learnt that we have 12 years to save the environment* so today I am bringing you 3 steps you can take to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. It upsets me when vegans preach only about animal agriculture […]

Here is how to be a social media vegan activist.

If your heart tells you it’s time to get up and do something to help other animals taste the freedom we, humans, crave so much you need to become an animal rights activist. But that’s hard, right? It takes all […]

Why I gave up being obsessed with veganism.

A year ago I would feel embarrassed if you’d ask me what my hobbies were. I would stutter something about books and the environment but I would quickly make sure that you knew fighting for animal rights was my priority. […]

Do you want to go vegan but think it will be too stressful? 

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