Here are 3 ideas for helping animals this spring.

Spring is here and the weather is more than lovely. I took a break from writing for about a month so that I can recharge my batteries, get clear on my vision and make a plan for my career.

Now that I am back, I will get us all together back on track to help the animals and we are starting with 3 tips that will show you how we can help the animals in the next few months.

I am sure you have heard of them before, after all – there are only as many things a human can do for other animals, but they are important and perfect for the spring months.

Let’s do this!

  • I know that a lot of you have, at one point in your life, been thinking of adopting a dog and have always found one or another reason for why now is not the right time. Well, if you are still eager to get yourself a new family member, spring is the ideal season to do it. Make sure you check out my post about what to ask yourself before you adopt a dog, so if you feel ready to finally do it – give it a read and come back to tell us your adoption story.
  • Insects, bugs and all kinds of small animals are waking up and starting to annoy us all. I know that it’s not nice to find a spider above your head when you go to sleep or to find a bug in your hair after your run, but be nice to them. Ants are getting ready to enter our homes and to avoid killing them, put some salt near your windows and walls so that they cannot enter. I know I am doing that this weekend. Hey, if you have time – here is my post on how to help small animals.
  • Do you love fish? Great – stop eating them. If you are not vegan yet, now is the perfect time to go fully plant-based and leave those sentient smart water animals off of your plate. They do not belong there and I am pretty sure you do not want to see fishless oceans before 2045. I have mentioned Cowspiracy a couple of times on my website, but if you haven’t watched it yet – please do.

I hope you got a few ideas from the tips that I have shared with you. I believe anyone can do something for the animals we share our planet with and you are not an exception. You start with one small change and little do you know twelve months later you are an animal rights activist with a vegan blog and thousands of people on social media that are inspired by your work.

I admit that after not writing for a month I am feeling a bit stuck on how to finish this post. I have been attending an acting school, put together a plan that will help me achieve my goals, found an idea for my company, went through a phase when I literally couldn’t stop crying and became an atheist. Busy month.

What are you up to? What has happened to you lately? Are you already helping animals in any other way?

Anyway, I will finish this post with the usual invitation to follow me on my Instagram. I am posting inspiring things every day and I am very active on InstaStories where I share tips on mindfulness and veganism.