Animals are in need of help this summer. What to do?

Who’s excited for hot summer days? I personally am not a big fan of summer but I live for late August, when it’s starting to feel a bit like early autumn, and everyone knows nothing compares to October.

A few months ago I shared with you 3 tips on how to help animals this past spring, and because so many of you found it helpful, I have decided to create another post that will give you three ideas on how to help the animals during the hot days.

I won’t share any ideas that you haven’t heard of before, but I will remind you of what three things are best done in the summer days.

Are you ready to dive in?

  • What’s better than late July evenings? Going for a walk with a dog of course! But not with just any dog – with a dog from a shelter. Google where the nearest animal shelter is and drive there once a week to volunteer and walk the dogs who have no parents. I can guarantee you that the experience will mark your summer as your best summer yet. Talking about dogs, follow me on Instagram to see more of my gorgeous dog Chuck.
  • Living on the countryside? I bet that dogs usually just walk around with no leash, collar, or the owner (gosh how I hate this word). Be a good human and put out a bowl of water and some food for dogs that might wander around. If necessary, call a shelter to pick him up and get him back to his (or hers) parents. I have done this once and the dog came back after a week. Irresponsible parenting but what can you do?
  • Attend a vegan picnic and support each other. It may seem like that action in no way helps the animals but it really does. Buy a shirt where all the money goes to a dog shelter, get a car sticker that promotes veganism, and become a part of the vegan community where everyone can support each other and share the vegan message more effectively. Together we can do so much for the animals and we are seeing this every single day when positive animal-friendly changes are being made.

Here you go lovely, three ideas that you can use this summer to help a few animal souls and perhaps even save a few lives.

I know that sometimes it feels like you are not doing enough, I feel that way too – very often, believe it or not. But we have to realize that in a world where the majority of people thinks of animals as things, YOU can be the light and slowly transform the world.

It’s a cliché to say that we should be the change we wish to see in the world (not said by Gandhi actually), but it’s totally true.

I went vegan in March 2015 and a few short months later my dad followed me on my vegan journey. Now my youngest sister says that she often eats a vegetarian menu at school and she loves plant-based kinds of milk. She is not vegan as you can see, but seeing how I and our dad are choosing to live a kind life, she too is learning about it and I have faith that she will go vegan soon.

What would you add to the post? What ideas can YOU share with us?


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