save money and time eating vegan

Okay, let’s be super honest as we always are here.

It’s one thing to find vegan options in the city when you are hanging out with friends, but what about those who like to eat at home? What about those who think eating plant-based is time-consuming and pricey?

I want to share with you some helpful tips and tricks that will help you eat better without feeling overwhelmed (too much). Also, heads up that a few years ago I wrote a very, very similar post already here so you can get more tips on how to save money and time eating vegan.

Listen, I hate cooking more than most people, which is weird because both of my parents were/are amazing cooks. So when I changed diets and eliminated things that I pretty much ate every day, I had to get creative.

I’m not going to lie, I eat the same stuff every day because I don’t enjoy preparing food, but I also asked my father to share with me his tips – since, you know, he actually cooks a variety of meals and loves the process.

It will take some time to get used to this new lifestyle but sooner or later you will spend the same amount of time, or perhaps less, cooking than you did before. With these tips I have for you, you will handle the challenges with ease, I’m tellin ya.

Okay, here we go. 

3 ways to save money and time eating vegan are:

  • Get the staples to always have a foundation for all meals.

Potatoes, green salad, apples, beans, macaroni, rice, oats, a jar with different types of nuts, salt and turmeric are always in my pantry. With them, I can always prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything else is optional and I am lucky to be able to buy it. Honestly, you just need like 10 staples to live off when stores are closed. 

  • Buy in bulk and have a meal plan.

First, get clear on what you will eat during the following week (find delicious ideas here) and then write down all the ingredients. Shopping takes so much time away from us but only if we are not clear on what we need. As I said, I know what I always eat so I know which sections at the store I need to go to – no messing around and looking at what’s new.

  • Chop the veggies during the weekend.

Hate chopping carrots and preparing salad? Welcome to the club. That’s why I put on my Latin playlist and prepare some of my favorite veggies for a day or two ahead. When I come home, all tired and grumpy, I don’t have to clean the salad and remove all the teeny snails, I can just quickly wash it and prepare it. Voila! 

Honestly, if you eat healthy foods and avoid vegan alternatives (meats, cheeses) you won’t be spending more than before. Vegetables and fruits are not that expensive, especially when you buy what’s in season.

This last week I bought 5 cucumbers for like 4€ and almost passed out when the cashier pointed out. I didn’t even check the price beforehand because I am used to them being affordable. It’s crazy expensive when you buy things that are imported from Morocco during the winter. My wallet was not happy.

As for the time spent cooking, you either have to do it as I do it, which is settling for basic staple meals that you can prepare blind, or go the path my dad went and take more time but also eat more yummy foods.

Of course, chopping the vegetables a day ahead and having a meal plan does spare precious moments that you don’t have.

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save money and time eating vegan