What I have learned in my 3 years of being vegan.

In March, I officially reached my 3rd vegan anniversary.

I remember when I was vegan only for a few months and I was fantasising about how awesome it will be once I can call myself a long-term vegan. You know… a vegan that knows stuff.

The years went by so quickly and I have learned quite a lot about myself, my body and the world, and today I want to share with you a few of the lessons that might help you as well.

I became more educated on the topics that I never thought I would be interested in and I became a witness to actions that I used to look away from.

I will stick with the number 7, as this is one of my two favourite numbers, so here we go. Here are 7 things that I have learned (or that have changed) in the last 3 years of me being vegan.

  1. My body cannot stand super processed sugar. I am not completely processed sugar-free but I have reduced the amount of sugar that I eat by at least 80%. Before going vegan, I was definitely able to eat tons of sugar and not feel any different – mainly because I was eating unhealthy in general and feeling sick was my normal – but since eating fully plant-based, I get sick after eating processed sugar fairly quickly and my body starts aching.
  2. I became more open to hearing about worldwide issues, such as human trafficking, human exploitation in sweatshops, paedophilia, also psychopathology – mainly how psychopaths are born and how they shape our society, immigration, terrorism, and the brainwashing by the religions and different cults.
  3. I became an Atheist. The final straw was watching spiritual gurus who preached about oneness and compassion yet wore fur boots, leather jackets and ate animals, all with two over-used excuses: they prayed before eating them, or they believed the animals signed a contract in heaven to be used by humans in this life.
  4. I learned that I cannot reach perfection and that I must work with what I have. I have mentioned many times that I live in a very small town and I still continue buying non-cruelty-free and non-vegan cleaning products because ethical and compassionate products are not available for me to buy them at the moment. I have learned that veganism is about doing the most that we can but that even if we are eating fully plant-based, we can still be transitioning in other areas of our lives.
  5. I learned that no matter how calm and kind I am when talking to certain people about veganism if they choose to see me as preachy and hostile, they will.
  6. Contrary to popular belief among animal eaters, I do not crave animals or any animal products. I am very comfortable living as a vegan and buying vegan things. I have learnt what is vegan and what is not, and when I am not sure about the ingredients, I just don’t buy it. It’s very natural and compared to my first months of being vegan, very easy and relaxed.
  7. I became more in tune with Mother Nature and I know what my body wants and needs. I do not restrict myself and even though I avoid processed sugar and processed oil, I sometimes need to eat something more caloric and oily. And it doesn’t make me feel sick because my body wanted it. But I know where the limit is and where the necessity for more oil in my diet turns to binge eating on junk food.

As I said, I have learned a lot. Becoming a vegan has made me a better person, a better woman and a more open-minded being.

Now it’s your turn.

Leave me a comment below with your biggest take away from your own vegan journey and what is one lesson that changed your life.

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