healthy habits to adopt

Today I want to touch an area of healthy living that we don’t often talk about.

Usually, when we discuss healthy habits and what changes we could make in our lives to feel good, we talk about working out, eating more plants and drinking more water.

I want to introduce to you 4 things that I’ve learned in my own life can bring as much positive change as a good twenty-minute workout.

I am focused mainly on the mindset and how to maintain some control over our mental health. Therefore, I will not be touching the subject of what to eat and how to move. Today is all about healthy thoughts and how we can improve our relationship with our mind.

Here are 4 healthy habits to adopt in 2020.

  • Listen less, talk less.

Our lives are filled with voices coming out of all sides. We hear them from people around us, celebrities on social media, and journalists in magazines and newspapers. What happens when we hear so many things at once? We talk about them with whoever is next to us. That means we never actually find the time to just breathe and spend time with ourselves. Try to hear fewer things and engage in fewer conversations, to instead spend that time with your own thoughts that are about your own life.

  • Stop following people and rather follow ideas and visions.

How often do you follow on social media someone just because they are cool or beautiful or popular? How often do you follow someone whose vision and ideas you like? Focus on finding inspiration in words, art and places. Models, actors and mommy bloggers are fine, but how much value and inspiration for your own life do you actually get from them? Be strict with your attention, don’t just throw it around.

  • Quality books > many books.

How many of the books you’ve read in your life do you actually remember? If you are like me, the answer embarrasses you because you consumed without reflecting on it. Next time you finish a book, give yourself a few days to reread a few pages and reflect on what you’ve learnt. Don’t just jump onto the next one. This will not only teach you about learning from everything you experience, good or bad, but it will remind you that the time you spend on something should not be wasted. Go on and read chicklits, I adore them, but make sure you actually read them and not just waste time flicking through pages without paying attention.

  • Find what you can control.

We all have areas in our lives where we feel weak and vulnerable. We refuse to believe that we have any power over it and prefer to blame it on the lack of luck. But no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that this is indeed true, it simply isn’t. We can always do something, even if it is so tiny that we can’t see it without a magnifying glass. I wrote about a book that helped me take responsibility here – you should read it.

Listen, everything we do is either a healthy habit or an unhealthy one. 

I wish working out and drinking water would be all there is to health, but it’s so much bigger. Our minds are where it all starts. 

Our physical health and mental health are intertwined. We can’t focus on just one and expect the other one to follow. We are not just a body or mind, we are both.

It’s not about being perfectly healthy, but about choosing more healthy habits with every decision we make.

We will never control 100% of our mental health, but we can do what we can do. And we can do SOMETHING.

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healthy habits