4 ideas for self care when you are sick and have no energy.

self care when you are sick

Join me as I explore the self-care aspect of getting better during sickness.

When your chest hurts and you’re hardly able to fall asleep with a stuffy nose, not to mention the lack of energy and the dizziness when you get up, you may have a hard time finding the energy to be nice to yourself. Sickness takes all of your energy and that small amount that you still have is used to fight the illness itself.

We have all been angry at our bodies at one point when it got sick. We couldn’t understand how the heck we caught a cold when we eat healthily and workout regularly and don’t smoke or hang out in rooms full of people. We all wondered if it is even worth doing all of this when health is not guaranteed.

But you know what?

Anyone can get sick no matter how healthy we eat or how much we move. Maybe we stood in line at the store with someone who was feeling very poorly, maybe we kissed someone that was about to get a cold, or we simply didn’t take care of ourselves even though we are super sure we have.

With a proper workout routine, a healthy plant-based diet (learn about it here), nice environment and a calm mindset we can be healthier than 99% of the people on this planet, but there are other things that can sabotage our efforts such as pollution, climate change, people around us, genes etc.

The matter is that now we are chained to our bed and we need to wait until our body wins the battle that is going on inside. So it’s the perfect time to be nice to yourself and to be even more careful about how you treat your body.

Two days ago I started to feel a bit poorly. My chest was in pain, I had a stuffy nose and I was coughing like crazy. We are never more grateful for the health than we are when we get sick, and I can confirm this.

I have a dog that I need to take care of, so laying in bed and sleeping was not an option for me; taking it slow and prioritizing myself was the key to handling the situation. I needed to walk the walk that I am preaching on this website and on my Instagram.

Today I want to give you 4 ideas for self-care when you are sick and you wish you could just get it over with.

  1. If you have to walk your dog or go to the store to buy some tea and lemons, move slowly and go with your gut. Chuck likes to walk and play outside the fence, but I couldn’t run with him so I just sat on the grass and made him watch the mountain in front of us with me. We can easily feel the need to show how tough and strong we are by going for a run or walking quickly, but sometimes you just need to take it slowly and listen to what your body wants.
  2. If you don’t have the appetite, don’t take those rare moments when you want to eat something as an excuse to eat something heavy or unhealthy. You don’t need to drink a protein shake or eat a hamburger because that will give you calories that you are not consuming when you are sick. Just eat light food and eat when your body wants to eat, don’t push it. A smoothie is always a good idea.
  3. Take hot showers because the steam makes it easier to breathe. And I know that the last thing you want to do is get up from your cozy bed and go stand in the shower, but you will feel so much better when you are fresh and, you know, clean (hygiene makes everything better).
  4. There is no need for a workout or even for doing yoga, but just to help your body feel stronger and more relaxed, do some light stretching – either on your bed or on your mat. It can take you, literally, only 5 minutes to stretch your back, arms and legs but it will make your whole day more productive. If you take it slow and listen to how much your body is able to do during your cold, you will be completely fine moving your body just a tiny bit.

That would be all from my side, but feel free to share your ideas for self-care when you are sick with everyone. I am sure that the more ideas we have to chose from, the better we will take care of ourselves when the sick times come.

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p.s. – Another tip – Don’t wear make-up because when you are sick your skin tends to get clearer so that is the perfect time to get rid of those pimples and acne. At least something good can come out of the sickness, right?


self care when you are sick

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