5 signs you shouldn’t adopt animals (like ever).

So, you are thinking about adopting an animal. A dog or a cat, I suppose. Maybe even a rat.

Let me ask you something different: Have you ever thought about not adopting?

I know, I know.

You want to do it and you are convinced that you will be a great parent, but that’s when I come in and tell you that it’s time to step back and think again.

I believe some people are just not ready to be parents to another animal. Just like some people are not meant to be parents, I believe some of you aren’t fit to be a parent to a non-human animal.

Some people like the idea of sharing their life with another animal but are not really prepared for all the things that come with this responsibility. Their eyes are hungry (a Slovenian saying for wanting something just because it looks good).

The most heartbreaking thing happens when a person adopts an animal and gives her a home, only to later discover that this being grows up and needs attention, care and mental stimulation, and then they get rid of her. An animal that has been abandoned is the saddest sight in the world.

I dont want this to happen to you and to an animal you might adopt.

I wrote down 5 signs that are secretly telling you that you shouldn’t adopt an animal (ever).

  1. You think we own animals. No, I absolutely do not think that someone can just take my dog away, simply because I do not own him. What I mean is, you are not an owner. Slaves were owned. If I go really deep and really ugly, I might even say that we are slave owners – it’s not far from the truth – but I won’t. That dog that you adopted is not a toy or a plant that you can just throw away when bored. An animal is a living being that needs parents that will take care of her for life. Not just for the first few months.
  2. You think animals are things. Tell me, how often do you call a dog an “it”? Like he’s a thing. Sometimes “it” is a correct term, or much needed to be used. But if you use it often, you start to see animals as separate. I don’t care how small an animal is, I always give him a gender. As you probably guessed, it’s usually a he. I recognize him. I recognize his existence. I recognize his being. I still correct myself sometimes but I am becoming very good at always choosing the right term to describe an animal. Because after all, humans are animals, too.
  3. You are not prepared to dedicate a part of your life to being a parent. I cannot imagine being a parent to a human child but I was born to be a mother to other animals. We connect. I should be some other species, I believe. If you cannot imagine still being a parent to the same animal in 15-20 years, please let others become parents and you get yourself a plant or something. Once you let a cat or a dog into your life, they should stay there until their or your death.
  4. You are grossed out by everything that comes out of an animal. Okay, I won’t say that I am an expert on that, but I am certainly good at cleaning after my cat’s pee or poo on the floor or on the bed. It’s such a little thing, or at least that’s how it seems, but you would be surprised at how many people would throw the cat out, the second they would notice a bit of poo hanging out from her behind. Look, they are not as clean as humans, but being an animal parent means being able to clean the shit. Literally.
  5. You don’t think of them as animals. They are of different species. We encounter millions of animals in our lifetime, humans being one of them, but you have to stop thinking of dogs like they are humans. They are not. I most definitely do not mean that in a bad way, quite the opposite really, I want you to realize that your dog doesn’t give a damn about the color of his collar and that your cat couldn’t care less about the size of the water bowl. They just want to be safe, loved and fed. They don’t need human bullshit.


If you are not doing any of that, you are most likely good to go. Adopt animals that you can take care of; they are not toys but living beings. They are a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Just like you, hopefully, plan a child, you should plan to get a dog.

In case you need help, I wrote a post about what you must know before adopting a dog. Have a read here. I give you some questions to go through before deciding for adoption and a few simple tips that helped me before we got Chuck.

Remember – adopt animals and give them a home. Shop for toys, not living beings.

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p.s.- can we stop comparing humans to pigs when we talk about something bad? Pigs are one of the cleanest animals if given a chance, and they don’t even sweat. Plus, don’t insult people and call them ‘pigs’, as pigs are incredibly intelligent.


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