As an introvert and someone who is extremely anxious, my vegan activism consists of doing things on the internet and staying away from large crowds of people. It’s what I came to terms with and how I was born to be in this world.

But being introverted and anxious never kept me from not trying new things and growing as a person. It actually pushed me even further, because I know that I need to work even harder to beat all those extroverted humans who thrive on attention and social interaction.

Today I want to talk to you, vegan activist to a vegan activist, about some skills that you can develop or upgrade to become an even better spokesperson for your fellow animals.

If you are ready, here are 5 ways to upgrade your vegan activist skills:

  1. Learn how to be better at public speaking. I know, this is the biggest fear of most people on this planet but I promise you that it’s not that hard. I became quite good at standing in front of people and talking when I was in acting school for almost 2 years but I also attend seminars and workshops on the topic of public speaking.
  2. Learn other languages, and by other languages I mean: learn English. I am quite confident with my English speaking skills, although I am absolutely aware that I still make grammar mistakes and my accent is not the loveliest thing to listen to. Speaking English, if this is not your first language, is sadly very important in 2019, so sign up for classes or watch one of the millions of videos on YouTube. I also wrote a post on how to learn languages easily that you can read here. Other languages that are good to be fluent in are Spanish, Russian and Chinese.
  3. Take better care of your health. We don’t really think of health as a skill, but when you are the spokesperson for a lifestyle that you claim can make you healthier and happier, you need to walk the walk. Look, it’s not about having perfect skin and being super fit, but get your blood tested and try to meditate once or twice a week (at least).
  4. Learn how to cook basic meals. No, I am still not an enthusiast when it comes to preparing food, but I am aware that having the skill to prepare three good plant-based meals is something that will benefit me long term.
  5. Get comfortable with asking the annoying question. Yesterday I found a mole and called 112 to see if they can help him because I assumed he was too young to take of himself – turns out he really wasn’t – and needed help. The lady was hostile and mean, but you know what? As a vegan you need to call and ask questions that other people think are stupid, so you better get comfortable with making a fool out of yourself.

There you go, sweetie. 5 skills that I believe every vegan activist should upgrade or develop. What do you think? Can you focus on one of these things and become better at them in the next 12 months?

I truly want to encourage you to step up and commit to constantly grow as a person and an activist. If not for you, think about pigs and chickens who need you to be your best version.

Before you hop on to YouTube and subscribe to my channel where I post vegan videos for everyone who is interested in this lifestyle, check out my post on some of the introvert-friendly activist ideas that you can do today.