I hope that you are well and prepared to go vegan this year. Not even kidding, it really is a perfect time to go vegan and save a few lives.

Every day we have an opportunity to turn a new page. Every day we wake up and can either change our lives for the better or continue living them the way we have always done it. Although we really don’t like to hear it, it really is all on us and no one can make the change but ourselves.

Today I want to write about 8 irresistible benefits of going vegan, obviously with an intention of getting your attention (that rhymed) and getting a few more humans on my list of people that I converted (how evil, I would absolutely not keep such list).

Being vegan is great and nice and I believe everyone should do it.

I mean, why not save a few innocent animals and sleep better at night? It’s obviously much more than that – being vegan is a lifestyle, something that changes everything about who you are, what you do and how you live. It’s liberating really, you are finally aware of what goes on behind closed doors.

We are so advanced yet we continue living in a utopian world where everything is put in front of us pain-free and with a clean past. We do know that someone dies for our food but we are so good at distancing ourselves from it that we actually start believing meat, dairy and eggs can be produced with compassion and without death.

What happens when we find out that that isn’t the truth though? We become outsiders and not a lot of us are ready to be standing alone even if it means we are right. Life is certainly easier when you are a part of the crowd but is it worth being in the crowd if it believes in the Holocaust, or racism, or murder of non-believers?

How far are you willing to go with that crowd before you realize that standing alone might not be so bad after all?

Without further talking, here are 8 irresistible benefits of going vegan.

  1. You realize that carbs are good for you and you finally stop depriving yourself of delicious potatoes and rice. Honestly, I am absolutely sick and tired of pop stars talking about how fats are better than carbs. Eating a chicken wing with a bit of kale is not healthier than a full plate of brown rice with mushrooms and beans.
  2. You transform into an animal magnet. Seriously, dogs just fly to you and unfortunately, bugs do too. But hey, it means that they sense your compassionate heart and loving nature. You know how dogs can sense when someone is a bad person? Well, they can also sense when someone is a good person, too.
  3. You are pretty much forced into eating healthy foods, especially because suddenly only 1 type of cookies sold at your local store are vegan and after a while, you get sick of eating them, so naturally, you switch to drinking smoothies five times a day (that was my experience but now there are vegan alternatives everywhere). You will go through a detox phase when it will probably get worse before it gets really good so your body will stop craving fast food and it will require to be fueled by carbs and vitamins.
  4. You save more money because you don’t shop that much anymore. Once you get hooked on vegetables and fruits that are cheap (unless you expect to eat avocado and pineapple every day), you are set for life. No more spending money on salami and cheese that only bring cancer and diabetes. Many people think that eating plant-based is for the privileged, but nothing it more privileged that eating cheese and steak every day, when rice and beans are the cheapest foods that exist. If you want to learn 3 ways you can save money while eating plants, please read this post.
  5. You find yourself not being bloated during those special days in a month (if you are a woman) and let me tell you – it changes you. Some women even say that their cramps are less painful and that is definitely a big bonus.
  6. You stop contributing to one of the largest causes of climate change – animal agriculture.
  7. I know this should be number one, but I didn’t want to preach to those who get easily offended about animal cruelty right away. Anyway, the most irresistible benefit of being vegan is definitely NOT supporting the slaughter and oppression of other animals. You are free, you are liberated from feeling guilt, and you are finally able to look into the eyes of a pig or a chicken and know that they won’t die for your taste buds.
  8. You become more mindful of how your footprints impact the Earth and other animals – humans included. The amazing truth is that most vegans start expanding their compassion and become aware of where their clothes come from and which food brands support child trafficking. Once you start opening your eyes to the cruelty towards other animals, you can’t close them anymore so you continue educating yourself about all the ways your choices are affecting other people.

How convinced are you right now? Pretty convinced, right? Then stop waiting and educate yourself on how to go vegan and what mistakes to avoid.

If all of that seems too much for you and you are not ready to go completely vegan yet, that’s alright. Just take small steps towards that goal and start incorporating more vegetables in your diet, eating more rice and replacing processed sugar with fruit.

I am not expecting you to go vegan in one night because that wasn’t the case with me, but I know that you can start small. I know that you can read one vegan book a month and I know that you can watch one vegan documentary every weekend. I know that you can because that’s how most of us started.

What irresistible benefits of going vegan would YOU add to the list? And if you are not vegan yet, what benefits are you most looking forward to experiencing?


p.s. – If you absolutely want to find other animal rights activists that you can learn from, find my list here.