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At different stages of my vegan journey, I resonated with different types of people. 

When I discovered this lifestyle I wanted more straight-to-your-face content and then as I became more content with the choices I was making, I craved for a more compassionate and joyful approach. 

I know that not every type of activism will work for everyone. 

Today I created a little list for you where I share some of my favorite vegan advocates (I already did this a few years ago) and what I love about their approach. I am always learning about how to do my job better and having a variety of people to gain knowledge from, is a must.

My second tip for people who want to live a more animal-friendly lifestyle is to learn (knowing why you’re doing it is numero uno). Learn, learn and then learn some more.

You want to continue growing and expanding. The second you are stuck and not evolving, you might as well die. Don’t die. Learn instead.

Here is a list of vegan advocates I love learning from:

Colleen is my personal idol when it comes to being an animal rights activist. The way her content makes me feel is exactly what everyone wants to feel once they go vegan – joyful, comfortable and mindful. You will never see her push or shout because she is all about speaking her truth and then letting people do with it whatever they wish. 

One of the most active advocates out there, Ed, is a force of nature. He has the knowledge, he has the patience and he has the right answer to every single question you have about this lifestyle. No matter what you throw at him, he will pick it up and find the value in it before he returns it back. 

Dr Davis is a different type of activist. He is a doctor that uses his platform to speak up about science and truth. He beautifully mixes the ethical, health and environmental side together so if you want a rational person that tells it like it is, Dr Davis is the man for you. I love his passion for debunking bullshit ideas and pseudoscience.

This woman has a heart as big as Mount Everest. She is full of passion for helping the abused and giving them a home they deserve to have. She founded an animal sanctuary called Rancho Relaxo and uses her platform to advocate for those who remain enslaved, exploited and abused. Her posts will make you cry and feel inspired at the same time. 

Alex is very much new to this but he already does an amazing job at speaking up for other animals. I’ve been a fan of his other work but it was once he went vegan that I decided to consume his content on a regular basis. He is incredibly intelligent and has this Hitch quality about him that will, without a doubt, make him a highly respected individual in the future – not only for his work as a vegan advocate but for everything else he does as well.

These five individuals are doing the same work – speaking up for those who are ignored – but they do it in their unique way. 

No matter which one of them makes you feel the most inspired, you cannot deny that they have something to teach you. And as I said, education is key to staying vegan until the day you fall asleep forever.

You may think that once you change your habits and make more ethical choices you are all set and done, but it’s the opposite. Veganism is not a destination, but a bonus that you add to your life. Just like you don’t arrive once you take your health more seriously, you don’t arrive when you go vegan – you have to keep learning and growing as a person.

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vegan advocates