I want you to take your ego and throw it in the trash, and then I want you to take responsibility for how you treat Earth, other animals and, ultimately, yourself. 

I write for people who are not ashamed to admit they weren’t always the kindest species to roam this planet. I write for people who don’t want to point fingers at others but want to first improve how they live. What can I say, I like when humanity takes responsibility and does better.

I believe in equality among all species. I believe that truth is more important than feelings. I believe in justice for the crimes we impose upon other animals. I believe that we can all have opinions but we cannot have our own facts.

I value freedom and truth. I value life.

I am on a journey to live a kind and responsible life and all I do is test how living a green lifestyle works for me and then write about it so you can decide for yourself. I share my journey, that’s all.

My website is my home and here we have simple rules: Support free-speech, respect science and stop being a pussy when it comes to changing your life.

I want to inspire people through the content I create to take responsibility for how they treat Earth, other animals and themselves. That is my mission, nothing else.

I don’t care about your politics, I care about how your choices affect our planet. I like to be controversial at times but you will only notice that if you get offended easily.

By the way, my name is Tanja Jurgec and I am from Slovenia. I enjoy cursing, learning languages, watching YouTube videos and complain about the world (but only after I do what I can to improve it).

For more information about me, you can read my FAQ page.

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