I write about my vegan and Earth-friendly lifestyle. I share tips and how-tos for all of you who might be lost and unable to find the motivation to speak up. I got your back, always.

I am passionate about doing everything that I can for our Mother Earth and the animals I share this planet with.

I believe in equality among all species. I believe that truth is more important than feelings. I believe in justice for the crimes we impose upon the animals. I believe that we can all have opinions but we cannot have our own facts.

I value freedom and truth.

Every day I wake up with the passion to help the animals and our planet. I am here to serve those who are not understood and to lead by example. Writing has been my form of expressing myself ever since I was a very young child. I wrote my first book well before I turned 11 and knew that I wanted to be a leader before I even knew what that meant.

I want to inspire people through the content I create and show them that no matter how many rocks life threw at them, they can still get up and take responsibility for their actions. As someone who grew up being abused on a daily basis, I know that when I help others who are or were abused, I am also helping myself.

As a volunteer and an activist, I know how powerful my voice is so I use it every day in different forms. There is nothing that matters to me more than the life of animals and the environment.

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