afraid of eating plant based

Have you ever asked yourself why do we believe the myth that eating flesh from another being – who happens to be brutally slaughtered – is healthy?

Have you ever wondered why do we not hunt animals that we want to eat the way lions do it? Or why do we drink the milk of another mammal when the only reason she is lactating is that she just had a baby?

Do we not see the similarities to our own childhood? We all drank milk only when our mother had it, just like a baby calf does. Why do we continue drinking it as adults? Why do we crave the feeling of being a child so much?

I used to be blind to that. I remember quite well how easy it was for me to push all the horrors that I saw animals go through in the back of my head and peacefully move on, pretending that I had no idea what was happening all around me.

I know why we started to eat animal products, that is not a question we need to answer, but it remains an interesting topic of discussion when we look at all the reasons why we continue harming and exploiting animals for our taste buds.

  • That’s how we were taught. It’s what our parents told us, and what our teachers told us, and what our doctor told us. We didn’t know better, and most still don’t.
  • We are afraid that we will die eating only non-animal food. We are convinced that without eggs, milk, and meat, we just might drop dead while visiting grandma one summer afternoon.
  • We are too lazy to change our habits, so we continue being blind towards the cruelty that animals are victims of, for a glass of milk, bacon and eggs sandwiches (are those even a thing, I just made it up), and a pair of ribs. We find excuses – such as not wanting to cook or chop vegetables – and we continue with our bad habits.
  • We hate being told what to do, so we pretend that morality does not exist and we support the exploitation of the animals just for the sake of not wanting to be told what to do.

I met many people who claimed that the truth cannot be known and that we do not know what is moral or not. Therefore, eating other animals and using them for our own selfish purposes, is neither right nor wrong, it just is.

And sometimes I agreed with them, after all, I had no Holy papers in my hands that would have the ultimate moral laws written on them, but in my being, I knew they were just a human. They were confused and wanted to hear good things about their bad habits.

They were not enlightened, they were not a nihilist, nor were they careless people who didn’t know compassion; they were just a human that was indoctrinated by society and probably too proud to listen to someone telling them that what they are doing is wrong.

Let me ask you something:

  • If I killed your mother, like, just chopped her head off and had you watch it, would you think that that was morally wrong? Would you think that I was wrong to do it, or would you say that no one knows and wouldn’t call the police? I bet my entire life that you would think I was mentally ill and completely insane and would want me to be put behind bars.

See, you do believe that killing is wrong – when it comes to your family. You do believe that what I did was morally wrong, therefore you do believe that certain things are bad. So why ruin a family of another species when you would not want anyone to harm your family? If killing an innocent child is wrong, why kill a lamb?

Let’s look at logic now:

  • Eating a plant that does not have a nervous system is way different than eating a body of a formerly living being who had a heart, brain, and was capable of feeling pain.
  • Taking your kids to a farmers market is way better than taking them to a slaughterhouse to watch a pig being shot in his head, or a calf having her throat cut while still conscious.
  • Chopping carrots or peeling the potatoes is not a bloody ritual while slaughtering a pig who is fighting for his life is.

Just think about that – you are taking someone’s life. Someone is not going to wake up tomorrow morning because you wanted a quick meal.

Every time you buy an animal product, you are paying for a life to be taken away. And not just one life, but many.

I assume you are interested in going vegan, or you already are vegan, but it’s important that we are not sugarcoating the truth here, or even worse, that we are not pretending our choices are anything but horrible.

We should be nice to ourselves at all times, but we must also be willing to look at our choices and how they are affecting others. The best thing about being human is the ability to step back and change ourselves.

Sometimes the kindest way to treat ourselves is to admit that we are doing bad things.

It stops being a personal choice once someone else is getting hurt. I guarantee that you would condemn my actions if I were to hurt a human being or even a puppy.

The best way to live a happy life is to acknowledge our place in this world. Are we on the side of oppression or freedom? Are we on the side of violence or justice?

How do we want to contribute to this planet and life on her?

Other animals have just as much right to be here as we do. We have absolutely no right to take their homes, their land and their lives. They have fought to not go extinct just like humans have, and they won the game of natural selection by being fit enough to survive and evolve into beautiful beings that contribute to our Earths health.

And the only way you can show that you stand for peace is by leaving animals off of your plate.

Your homework is to simply start with eating one plant-based meal a day. For a week. Just to see how easy it is and how much better you will be feeling afterwards.

If you want to see bigger changes, go for two plant-based meals in a day. Or all three.

Go slow or fast, but go. And do not do it from the place of hate and resistance because the results will be awful and negative. Instead, for a week truly do whatever you can to live as vegan as you possibly can. Read this post if you are ready to take the next step.

It starts with making a decision. A decision that you will prioritize your health above old bad habits.

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afraid of eating plant based