I see so many of you being interested in how to go vegan but not enough questions about what happens afterwards.

Sure, we covered the steps you can take right after you successfully transition here, but what happens in your body and mind? Let’s cover it in today’s post.

Your body will go through a big change once you ditch all animal products and you might find yourself feeling worse than before. That is absolutely normal and necessary.

See, if you’ve been feeding your body with dairy, meat and eggs for the past few decades, your body will have a hard time letting go and eating different foods.

For such a long time you were giving it heavy processed fats, cholesterol and carcinogens that it now feels weird being fed only good carbohydrates and plants. Going from a big fat steak with the side of grilled cheese to a risotto with broccoli is a shock to your body.

What will happen is that you will go through a body detox. Your skin might break out, you might have gas and you will probably feel blah all the time. But after a few weeks, or months if you are unlucky, your body will get used of its new diet.

Do you remember the smell and freshness in nature after a heavy rainfall? It has to experience a big storm before it feels and smells like that.

That’s how your body will feel once you go through this short storm inside your body.

Here are a few tips on dealing with this body detox after you go vegan:

  • Drink plenty of fresh water to help the body get rid of all the nastiness you were keeping inside. Water is basically magic when you want to clean your body from the inside.
  • Move your body and avoid heavy makeup if you are a woman. You don’t want to put a heavy foundation on your face when your body is learning how to normally breathe again. Sweat as much as you can to make this detox move through you faster.
  • If you don’t have any interest in being a healthy eater, then you can minimize the effects this body detox will have on your body by eating plant-based processed foods, such as burgers and pizzas. I do not recommend this, though, as you are just going from one form of unhealthy eating to another one.

The other change that will occur in your body after you go vegan is in your mind.

You will probably find yourself feeling angry and depressed because of all the information you now have. You will feel abandoned by your friends and family who don’t understand why eating other animals is bad.

The sadness is normal and will go away if you want it, but it’s a part of the lifestyle now. After all, you can’t forget what happens to pigs and fish and no matter how hard you try, there will always be the eternal question hanging above your head when talking to your non-vegan friends: Why the heck are they choosing to support these death industries?

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This detox won’t last forever and you might not even experience it! It happens to most of us, but it might not be as scary as I have described it. My body wasn’t rebelling at all; it was my mind that was going crazy.

Don’t be discouraged from living a vegan lifestyle because you are afraid of what will happen after you go vegan. These things pass and afterwards, you will feel better than ever.

It’s worth experiencing a storm if there is a rainbow waiting for you at the end of it. And to use logic, if we eat shit for 20 years it is natural that our body will resist healthy food at first.

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