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Before I begin my rant let me say that I write this with love and passion in my heart because I care about our Mother Nature more than most of you ever will. I do not hate my fellow vegans (not all of them at least — that’s a joke, learn my humor) but I just want to give a different perspective than what you’ve been hearing from others in this community.

One of the most beloved insults among vegans to use on those who identify as environmentalists but aren’t vegan is: You are a fake environmentalist.

Vegans love to point fingers at Elon Musk who isn’t vegan and pretend they are better at protecting our nature than him. They just love to think they are better than everyone who is not vegan but wants to protect Mama Earth.

It’s bullshit because I look around and I see vegan *environmentalists* who use a ton of plastic, shop at Zara and H&M, buy non-electric cars and use materialism as a form of self-love.

While yes, animal agriculture is a huge problem and is one of the main causes of climate change, it is not the only one. There is also the fast fashion industry and of course the oil and coal among others.

It’s very similar to vegan activists who can’t talk about people eating dog meat without bringing in the cows and pigs. Seriously, can you even acknowledge that ALL non-human animals are exploited and not just those we eat in the West?

It’s okay to point out that people eat dogs, cats and horses (my country loves to kill horses for meat). It takes nothing away from you and no one will think their death matters more than that of cows, chickens and turkeys.

It’s okay to talk about all problems, not just one specific one. They all matter.

But back to the climate change.

Some vegans pretend that eating plant-based is the best thing one can do to fight climate change. Yes, it is one of the best and most effective changes a person can make (probably the most important thing when it comes to saving water), but you are not a real environmentalist just because you eat plants.

Being a vegan doesn’t make you an environmentalist.

I am not an environmentalist because I eat plant-based.

I am an environmentalist because I reduced the amount of plastic I use by 50% in the last 2 years, because I rather walk and use public transport than drive a car, because I volunteer when someone asks if anyone wants to help clean the nearest forests.

I am an environmentalist because I actually care about our planet and climate change.

Every single piece of content – that you can read here – that I created for my website where I talk about how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle was made because I walk the walk and do things I preach.

It’s not just vegans who judge non-vegan environmentalists but also good old regular environmentalists who point fingers at Mr Musk – and you know I have to use him as an example because I love him – saying he uses his private jet too much. Or when they blame Tesla for being so expensive – seriously, you need to learn how business works.

It’s like they have a disorder where they get blind every time someone points out the fact that he created a freaking company that produces electric cars and solar roofs. He invested millions into Tesla and gave out patents for free. Why? Because he wants car companies to create electric cars and sell them.

Not because he wants competition but because he actually cares that much about climate change and wants all car companies to shift to creating electric vehicles.

So him using his private jet for work is not something you should worry about. If a billionaire invested 180 million to create a company that produces electric cars and had to borrow money for rent, then you know he is not in it for the money. I mean, they are electric cars for fuck’s sake, how popular were they a decade ago when Tesla was just a start:up?

Stop pointing fingers at people who are not perfect yet are doing a thousand more things for our planet than your ass is.

There are non-vegan environmentalists who are doing a thousand more valuable things to fight climate change than a materialistic, plastic loving vegan who preaches about animal agriculture is.

And there are billionaires who have huge mansions and private jets who are investing billions in renewables and plant-based companies. If you aren’t perfect don’t expect them to be either.

If you truly care about environmentalism, walk the walk and show us what you got.

Being vegan may mean we have more compassion for other animals, but it certainly doesn’t make us more moral, ethical, nature-loving, conscious of problems or superior in any other way.

We can all do better, not just wealthy people whom you hate because you are a socialist. #BillionairesArePeopleToo and they make sure there are jobs you can work at.

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an environmentalist