animal cruelty

I was reading a book a few hours ago and in it, the author quotes people who work at slaughterhouses.

They talked about how pigs fight for their lives and how they beat them until they are screaming, blood pouring out of them. They talked about cows that are slaughtered alive and still looking up when their skin is being ripped away.

I cry a lot because animal cruelty overwhelms me.

It is so damn difficult to stop and focus on the good news. There is too much evil to just pretend if I smile and look at the bright side everything will be okay.

The thing is, guys, there is nothing wrong with being upset and heartbroken over what you know. You have goddamn feelings, yeah you will cry when you are reminded of the suffering our fellow animals go through so that some middle-aged woman can make a steak for her grandkids.

But I also have a mantra of some sorts that I repeat to myself when I am overwhelmed with all the negative and painful emotions. 

I say: We’ve got a lot of work to do. 

Nothing motivating or cliche, just a simple fact that we have a lot of work to do if we want to liberate all our brothers and sisters from slaughterhouses and prisons.

We have a lot of work to do.

It is my way of saying that yes, things are really, really bad, but it’s going to be an adventure to be in the warzone. Sometimes it really does feel like a warzone and we are soldiers protecting the innocent from the attackers. 

We have a lot of protests to attend, products to create, companies to build, people to inspire, documentaries to film, lectures to give and petitions to sign.

There will be ups and downs and 20 years from today we will probably still be in a very similar spot, but somehow we will make progress. Because we have to make it – for those who suffer and have no hope.

Maybe you can try saying this to yourself, too.

Every time you have tears in your eyes or perhaps you are already sobbing, just remind yourself of the work we have to do. This will hopefully pull you out of that painful moment and push you forward to fight the good fight.

We can make it, I am sure of it. One day there will be no more animal cruelty.

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animal cruelty