The thing I am most passionate about when it comes to animal rights activism is talking about how to stay happy and positive, even when animals are dying all the time.

I know this is my mission as a vegan activist.

I used to be so unhappy and angry, that it made me eager to teach others how I overcame it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Obviously, I still break down and feel upset due to the horrible things animals go through, but I am able to step back and see the big picture.

If I am not healthy and happy, I cannot help anyone.

So I firmly believe animal rights activists should focus much, much more on talking about positivity and happiness. I know that we want animals to be safe and we want to show as much graphic footage as we can, but that doesn’t work as much as it used to.

Nowadays, people just want to be a part of a happy community, where they can be surrounded by positive people and have a great time. No one wants to cry all the time and look at slaughterhouse photos.

We need to understand that, and then turn our activism into something that will show the benefits of becoming a vegan.

I know that veganism is about the animals and not people, I do know that, trust me. But people are selfish and want to know what’s in it for them. So we better show them.

That doesn’t mean we only talk about the benefits, absolutely not. It just means that we spend more time talking about how amazing our vegan lifestyle is than we did before.

People want to know that vegans are not depressed, bearded hippie weirdos.

People want to be hip and cool and joyful.

And that’s absolutely the right thing.

I encourage you to take time to spread more joy around you. I encourage you to find kindness at the center of your heart and let it fuel what you create and give to others; how you speak and act.

Become aware of how people react to angry vegans, and instead of insulting back or defending the angry approach that you think is necessary, I encourage you to change the way you do activism.

Become more approachable.

Become much nicer and kinder.

Become a bit more understanding.

Show off that great figure you got when you started to eat right.

Show off your cooking skills and post a thousand photos on Instagram of your delicious vegan dishes.

Show off how great your health is and brag about all the benefits you experienced when you went vegan.

Show people what they can have because usually, they don’t know what they want (and need).

People usually don’t look around and try new things, they are too afraid of changes and the results.

You have to show them how great this lifestyle is so that they will see that vegans are not crazy and sad, but awesome and healthy.

So, my dear animal rights activists, will you start being more positive?

Two of my favorite animal rights activists are Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and James Aspey. They focus on the positive side of veganism and never make you feel like you are the devil for not being vegan. They know what they stand for, who are they doing it for, and they know that only love will make a difference in the world.

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