We are so close to the end of this year that I simply cannot resist pointing out some amazing vegan activists who inspire me daily.

Finding people who inspire the heck out of you and give you the motivation to work even harder is important and necessary in our community. There is nothing that feels better than knowing that when we are sleeping or having fun, there is someone out there standing up for other animals.

And that when they go to sleep or go to a party, that we are here and we are doing the work.

We are all in this together, I want to shout this from the rooftops. We are all in this together and despite all of our differences we must hold each other’s hand and celebrate what each one of us is doing.

If you’re a regular on my website, then you are already familiar with my love for them but either way, here are some of my favourite vegan activists and what I love most about them + where you can find them.

  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

What I love most about Colleen is how compassionate she is towards all animals. And when I say towards all animals I mean humans. She has an enormous heart and it shows in how she speaks to people and how much knowledge she is giving out. She inspires me daily to be kinder, nicer and open to hearing the arguments against veganism – because she also gives me all the comebacks and all the knowledge I need to have to show people why veganism actually is the best.

Follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

  • James Aspey.

The most beautiful thing about James is his passion. You can clearly see in his videos and in the speeches he gives how passionate he is and how much he is willing to do for other animals. He is out there on the streets talking to people, bearing witness to pigs being brought to slaughterhouses; he is out there bearing witness to the cruelty humans impose on others. But he is also out there changing people’s minds and inspiring them to go vegan, not to mention how active he is on social media that is definitely the main source of vegan activism nowadays.

Check out his YouTube channel or visit his website.

  • Mike aka Mic. The Vegan.

I am eternally grateful to Mike for bringing knowledge about everything plant-based and vegan to the world because his videos are packed with gold. Not only is he super funny and has a great speaking voice – because that is important too – but he also brings science, like real science, to the table. He clearly shows scientific research that backs up his claims and that’s something that I believe is so important when talking about living a vegan lifestyle. Did I mention he is funny?

Subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.

  • Joaquin Phoenix.

What can I say about this man that hasn’t been said before? An incredible actor who is not into fame, pretends he wants to become a rapper just to film a mockumentary and is also a passionate animal rights activist? How does that happen? He made you afraid of him in Gladiator, he made you say WTF in I’m Still Here, he made you cry in Her and he made you go vegan in Earthlings. Seriously, if you haven’t watched Her you are missing out on a cinematic masterpiece, and if you haven’t watched Earthlings you are probably already vegan or afraid of knowing the truth.

  • Kip Andersen.

If you watched two jaw-dropping documentaries called Cowspiracy and What the Health then you already know the amazing director of the two documentaries – well one of two directors, the other one is Keegan Kuhn. Kip is not only an incredible director – and I am not saying that just because I love Cowspiracy and What the Health – but also an incredible human who was passionate enough to go against all the threats and big organizations and corporations to bring truth to the people. Following him on his journey while watching the documentaries just shows how much he had to fight for the truth to be shown and how much he risked creating the two masterpieces.

Support him by watching Cowspiracy and What the Health.

  • Gary Francione.

What made me really fall in love with Gary’s approach to animal rights activism, was when he said in a speech that he always finds a way to talk about veganism, even if he is in a parking lot. He is an abolitionist vegan, meaning that there is veganism and there is animal exploitation, nothing in between. He has so much energy when talking on stage and is packed with so much knowledge that I dare you to ask him a question that you think he can’t answer.

Watch him on his YouTube channel and find him on his website.

  • Michelle Muench.

I think I might be slightly in love with Michelle. Not only is she insanely hot but she is funny and smart and super into veganism. Her Instagram is a paradise for everyone who loves yoga and her YouTube channel is heaven for everyone who loves a good rant that involves cursing and adult jokes. But seriously, she is like that hot mom next door that you want to hang out with and discuss veganism while drinking smoothies.

Find her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel.

And that is it for today! A whole lot of vegan activists!

You just got 7 amazing people to check out and I would be the happiest if you would follow at least one of them and support them on their vegan journey + what they do as an animal rights activist.

Let me know in the comment who you liked the best and who you already knew before. Did you know that Joaquin Phoenix is such a dedicated vegan activist? Did you know that James took a vow of silence for 365 days to raise awareness for other animals?

If you are interested in becoming an animal rights activist yourself, check out this beautiful post where I share with you how you can become one too!