annoying vegan

Let’s face it, vegans; we can be a bit annoying sometimes.

I know you are shaking your head now, thinking that standing up for the innocent is never annoying but that’s not what I’m saying. The opposite really.

The fact is, we can sometimes choose the wrong way to approach someone who is not vegan. Sadly, when this happens, we sabotage our effort in helping the other person try going vegan.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

I want to share with you a few ways I am avoiding being an annoying vegan, even though I don’t always succeed. I found a few things you can start (or stop) doing to make a better impact through your activism.

Are you ready?

  • Choose the other person very carefully. If you want to truly plant the vegan seeds, you will have to know who is worth talking to because some people aren’t. There are many humans who are already open to the idea of veganism – even if they are not aware of it yet – but there are many others who are simply not even close to it. If you’re going to waste your energy on people, at least pick the good ones who are showing interest in veganism.
  • Choose words that you would use in your day to day conversations. If I met someone and talked about animal rights with them, I would use the same words that I am using right now, I wouldn’t become more radical or milder. People can sense when you are trying to be someone that you are not and it doesn’t vibe with them. Don’t curse if you wouldn’t do that with someone you just met, and don’t use words you think sound smart if they don’t come naturally to you.
  • Avoid pointing fingers at people that are doing immoral things and invest that time into creating something that will change their view. It’s so easy to judge people around us who eat other animals –and we all do that to a certain extent – but the way to change their mind isn’t by screaming at them. It’s by creating plant-based meats and conducting scientific research that proves how unhealthy meat and dairy are. Actions are louder than words and more effective, too. Screaming at the wrong-doers is not going to save pigs, changing the laws and creating more vegan options will.
  • Take care of your mind and train it well enough to be able to be in the presence of anyone yet still feel calm and collected. I recommend you try the Waking Up app but I wrote about a whole bunch of resources in this post here. With mindfulness, thoughts don’t control you, you control them – or better said, you just don’t pay attention to them. When you don’t pay attention to the thoughts that arise, you don’t have to attach yourself to those that want you to be angry and annoying.

I hope you found any useful tips that will help you in the near future to avoid being an annoying vegan. No one wants to experience you when you are not at your best.

It’s all about mindfully choosing how you want to behave and what you want to bring to this world. If you want more peace and kindness on this planet, then you will have to be peaceful and kind. We must behave in a way we expect others to behave.

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annoying vegan