I see so many people asking themselves whether or not vegans should have pets at home. Today I want to talk about my take on the topic and present my views on the whole issue.

Just a heads up that I will be using the term companion animals instead of pets, as it shows what vegans are all about – having animals as friends, not possessions.

Let’s get right to the question: Are animal rights activists against pets?

Most animal rights activists, therefore vegans, are not against companion animals because it helps the animals, it shows that we take responsibility for domesticating animals and because it’s lovely to adopt an animal in need.

There are millions of animals that have no home due to being thrown out because there was no space for them anymore – mainly because their parents were not neutered and spayed – or because they were simply born on the street – again, the solution is to spay and neuter dogs and cats.

Not many people give a home to those animals and many are being scared off because people are afraid they could carry diseases or attack them. Of course, they only care about healthy companion animals that keep their feet warm in the winter, not animals that are freezing outside and have to deal with hostile animals they encounter – humans included.

Once upon a time we domesticated animals and decided to use them for our own benefits. We gave them a home in exchange for their company, body fluids or their actual body. Some were luckier than others, like cats and dogs, but some became items that are not considered conscious or able to feel, like cows and chicken.

All of that led to now having stray animals that are roaming the streets, stealing food, and sometimes killing other animals and even spreading diseases. All because we, Homo sapiens, were selfishly absorbed in creating the perfect pet to entertain us, and forgot that those animals were once wild and had natural instincts.

That’s why it is so important to:

  • Keep the animals inside – especially cats who, if let outside, can kill endangered animals and get killed because of their lost abilities of a once wild creature.
  • Take responsibility for those in need by giving them shelter and proper care. Be a good human and offer a caring home to those who don’t have one.

I want to encourage you to read a few of my posts on the topic of having companion animals as there is never enough information one can absorb when taking care of a fellow animal.

Are animal rights activists against pets? Not so much.

We just want to encourage more people to adopt and help animals, that are now domesticated, to live healthy and stimulating lives, instead of letting them drown in a canal because they, well, they are not little tigers anymore, and dogs are not similar to the wolves anymore.

We also want to help others be better parents to their companion animals. I share my life with three cats and a dog, and I am constantly improving at parenting – constantly learning how to help them develop more animal instinct that was lost once their ancestors became domesticated, and giving them a chance to spend time in nature and use their nose for finding stuff or living in a pack.

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