what veganism is

Sometimes I look around the vegan community and find myself surprised by how many people are forgetting about what veganism is all about.

Nowadays, people are talking about veganism as environmentalism and social justice. They put their fellow animals beneath their feelings and start creating all kinds of ridiculous statements.

They fight over whether or not a pro-life person is a real vegan, if one can truly be an environmentalist without being vegan, how unfair it is for people to focus on lions when pigs are suffering, and how many ex-vegans are bashing their former lifestyle on YouTube.


  • Men and women who are against abortion are just as vegan as you are. I wrote about that here.
  • You can be an environmentalist but not vegan, and also being vegan doesn’t make you an environmentalist. I wrote about that here.
  • Every single animal matters so don’t punish lions and dogs for their popularity by not talking about how they are being exploited. Every animal life matters.
  • Ex-vegans are not vegan anymore and therefore their opinions about animal rights don’t matter, so get your focus positioned in the direction of making progress, not on those who failed at making it.

I wrote about these issues so many times already, and yet, I keep finding people who are just not getting it.

People who decide to stop being vegan until racism stops to exist. People who stop being vegan because they happen to have a cat who requires meat. People who think that veganism is not important because humans are suffering, too.

Are you not seeing how little time veganism can take from you? Can you not see that buying potatoes instead of eggs is not taking your time away from other causes? Can you not see that veganism is not about sacrifice or perfection but about progress and meaningful action?

I need you to open your eyes to what veganism is all about and to go back to what you know is true. The truth is that veganism is about living a lifestyle where you are not harming your fellow animals.

You got this.

And if you don’t feel like you got this, don’t be a stranger and connect with me on Instagram. I may sound harsh but that’s only because I really want all of us to be happier vegans.


what veganism is