before going vegan

Today I want to talk about some questions I wish more new vegans asked themselves before actually embarking on this journey. Like, the really important questions that change your whole journey for better.

I find that a lot of problems newbies encounter in the first few weeks of being vegan stem from not asking themselves the right questions.

Questions that clear up some important things and give you a better understanding of what you expect from this lifestyle and how you can make this transition easier.

Also, sorry for using the word questions so many times in this post. I can’t help it!!

To help you understand what I mean, let me show you these three questions that I believe you should ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to go vegan?

This question is probably the most important question you will ask yourself on your vegan journey. If you know the reason for wanting to change your habits, you will be more motivated to jump over the obstacles and find solutions when problems arise. Simon Sinek talks about knowing your why – not regarding veganism but it still counts – in many of his books and speeches, so I recommend you give him a listen.

  • How do I best cope with changes in my life?

You know yourself best and you know what works well for you. If you are someone who has a very hard time committing to things – I’m in the same boat, mate – then you will have to be honest about that and find your own unique way of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. It took me 11 months to go from vegetarian to vegan because I needed that time to change. You might be totally different. Maybe you are great at ditching the old habits and accepting the new way of living – if that’s you, great! But this question can really help you get clear on how to approach this new lifestyle in a way that will make you want to commit to it.

  • How can I make sure I get the support I need and want?

I wrote about how to handle being the only vegan in your tribe here, but it’s easier to handle these changes in relationships if you seek support before you actually transition. I didn’t ask myself this question and it resulted in me really struggling with having no friends – and when you already have social anxiety and depression, being vegan is like a cherry on top of a recipe for loneliness. Find vegan communities in your area, connect with like-minded individuals on social media or just start blogging in hopes that someone will start talking to you (that happened to me and I felt so grateful that I could talk to someone, even if just through email once a week).

I am so excited about your upcoming journey and I hope you will let me help you. I created a helpful printable for you that will show you how to go vegan and avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can download it here.

Remember, when you ask the right questions you get the right answers.

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before going vegan