A list of ALL my favourite ASMR channels.

Let’s get weird, people.

For the longest time I wanted to write this post and talk about ASMR yet at the same time, I avoided it like toddlers avoid eating with forks and spoons.

But the time has come and I want to be fully open about this weird thing called ASMR because it truly helps and the community is lovely and I truly believe it can help you feel better.

ASMR makes you feel good. It relaxes you. It’s basically people making sounds with things that they found lying around their home or they use their bodies for it. They whisper or talk quietly, they tell you things that make you feel safe and relaxed, and they scratch the heck out of really diverse surfaces.

I assume that you know what ASMR is because you clicked here for the title which says that I will tell you about my favourite ASMR channels.

So let’s get right into it.

I will tell you what I like about each one of them and I will rate them from 1 to 10. I am subscribed to exactly 44 channels, but only a few of them regularly upload and I only watch those that I like, so it doesn’t get too crazy.

Anyway, out of 44 channels that I am subscribed to, here are the ones that I really, really like:

  • WhisperdRed ASMR – Emma is the queen. She was the one that introduced me to it and made ASMR something I listened to on a daily basis. She is a vegan and she is British and the whole aesthetic is very autumn-y and warm and cozy. As you can guess, she is my all-time favourite. I would recommend her 10/10.
  • Valeriya ASMR – Yes, some might argue that her videos are too sexualized but, you know what, I don’t care. She is gorgeous and actually makes good sounds and I have a girl crush on her. I would recommend her 10/10.
  • Quiet Sprite ASMR – As I am writing this, she hasn’t uploaded in a few months, but her earlier videos are super good. I don’t really like the quality of her latest videos, but like I said, her earliest videos are golden. I would recommend her 5/10 because the quality went down.
  • HeyHelen ASMR – Honestly, her videos are great and she is extremely beautiful so I love her. She is Russian so that’s not a surprise because it seems like they are very good at it, but she is like really beautiful and she speaks Russian in most of her videos so that’s good because I am learning the language. I would recommend her 8/10.
  • Gentle Whispering ASMR – I started listening to Maria a few weeks ago; I was pretty late when it comes to her. I know she has, like, the biggest ASMR channel on YouTube but I didn’t know that she was actually good. I would recommend her 7/10.
  • FrivolousFox ASMR – If you are jealous of other peoples singing talent do not watch her. She is seriously good at singing and really makes videos that make you feel like she actually cares. That’s very rare. I would recommend her 8/10.
  • ASMRMagic – Listening to her is like watching Swan Lake; only people who appreciate quality and art do it. I would recommend her 10/10.

So here you go; the best of the best in my opinion.

I know that being honest about listening to ASMR is pretty brave because there are videos that are just plain weird and sexualized and pervy, so people can get the wrong idea, but most videos are pretty relaxed and normal + it helps with anxiety and insomnia.

If you have any recommendations based on what you now know I like, makes sure to tell me in the comment section.

I especially like non-English videos, like those in Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. I haven’t found any quality channels in Spanish or Portuguese yet, just the average ones that I listen to when no one else uploads.

Honestly, I think Russia is the best at it but maybe I am biased because I love the Russian language; and I think it’s the most beautiful language in the world.

Anyway, makes sure to follow me on Instagram and I will talk to you soon.


p.s. – If you are interested in knowing how to deal with depression as a vegan then read this post here.

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