take care of yourself

How to take care of yourself without spending money.

Okay, from zero to ten, how much do you hate when lifestyle bloggers talk about self-care and then promote products that are worth about 1000€? I freaking hate that! It’s so easy to talk about creating a self-care routine that […]

plant-based diets

We need to talk about plant-based diets. It’s important.

Listen, have you heard about this thing called a plant-based diet? Yeah, it’s like, you only eat plants because they are supposedly good for you and for the environment.  Yeah, yeah, it’s like super radical, weird and strict. … Okay, […]

going vegan in 2020

10 tips for everyone who is going vegan in 2020.

Can you smell the year 2020? It smells like environmentalism, plant-based companies breaking records and people waking up and taking responsibility for being the worst species to roam this planet – be honest, we really are the worst. I know […]

create good content

How to create good content for your vegan blog.

Creating content is one of the most challenging things we face as bloggers. After five years of writing every day and publishing over 270 blog posts (not counting those few hundred that are deleted), I sometimes feel that I cannot […]

blogging journey

My 5-year blogging journey (the whole story).

December, 2014. That was the month and year when my blogging journey truly began and when I decided to create something that was mine and mine only. I wish I could say that my intentions were pure and the only […]

posting on social media

Is posting on social media a form of activism?

I’ve heard many people say that online activism doesn’t really count. I understand where they are coming from. I do. I know that in the past people went on the street to demand justice and equality, and now it seems […]

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