before going vegan

3 questions you should ask yourself before going vegan.

Today I want to talk about some questions I wish more new vegans asked themselves before actually embarking on this journey. I find that a lot of problems newbies encounter in the first few weeks of being vegan stem from […]

when you meditate

How the whole world benefits when you meditate.

I want to start this post by sharing with you an excerpt from one of my favorite books, Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein. Our practice also benefits others through the transformation of how we are in the world. If we are […]

blair waldorf

8 lessons Blair Waldorf taught me about blogging.

Today I want us to look at one of the most powerful and inspiring characters we ever had on television. I want us to look at Blair Waldorf from the TV show Gossip Girl. Yes, the original Queen B (bye […]


10 blog post ideas for eco-bloggers.

While I was focusing on helping my fellow vegan bloggers grow their readers and write helpful posts, I completely forgot about my fellow eco-bloggers. So today I want to focus on those of you who have beautiful websites that are […]

resources people who are going vegan

My best resources for people who are going vegan.

I am a slut for a good resources post. I love when I have everything I need to know put in one place where I can easily search around and save the post in one click. It’s so much better […]

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