back to eating animals

These past two years have been a bit crazy when it comes to vegans announcing that they aren’t vegan anymore. I even wrote about why we love to watch their videos here.

We have seen people who had a massive following on social media turn their back against veganism and blame it for all their problems.

The good thing is that most of their viewers know it was their fault when experiencing health issues, not their diet.

I do see many areas where we can improve as a community, though, and make sure that those who go vegan stay vegan for more than just 5 years (which is usually the number of years these people were vegan for).

Although every year there is more interest in our compassionate and healthy lifestyle, there is still so much to do and so many people to inspire that I want to focus on what we can do better in the future.

Here are my two tips on how to help vegans from going back to eating animals.

  • The most important thing we can do is build relationships with new vegans and let them know they can reach us anytime they need help. Sadly, most people stop being vegan due to lack of support from their peers and family, not because they hated eating veggies. We need to be more humble and stop being focused on reaching so many people and be more keen on keeping those who are new at this thing happy and healthy long-term. We must be of help to those who need us.
  • We need more representation and diversity. By that, I mean that we need to talk about our failures and errors we have made as new vegans. We need long-term vegans who are willing to discuss the problems they were facing and how difficult it was for them to go vegan, we need people talking about mental health and what happens when eating plants * gasp* doesn’t heal your depression. We need to stop acting as heroes because we are vegan even though the world hates us, and talk about the problems we still face every day because people need to know veganism is not this perfect thing that will solve all their problems. Every vegan is different and speaks to a certain type of individual. Future vegans depend on our honesty so let’s give them that. Change is easier when you know people who are cheering for you to change are not lying to you about what will happen on the other side.

Would you add anything else? Leave a comment if you have more ideas.

I am very authentic and honest when it comes to veganism. I want people to know that I went vegan because it is morally correct, not because I expected it to give me clear skin and make me smarter.

You can read about how I feel after 4 years of being vegan here, where I also talk about areas where eating plants didn’t help me at all.

I feel that a lot of vegans I used to look up to have grown so big in terms of their social following that they seem unreachable and almost intimidating.

Those who inspired most people to try veganism are also the people who are just not doing enough in my opinion. I won’t point fingers at certain individuals but they are usually more concerned with criticising ex-vegans than seeing what went wrong and how we can do better next time.

No, it’s not our responsibility to keep others vegan, but if we want this kind lifestyle to take off and if we want people to want to live it, we need to do better.

We need to have honest and open conversations and face the fact that most new vegans will go back to eating their fellow animals sooner or later.

We need to stop seeing them as horrible selfish people and instead focus on finding a solution to this huge problem.

How can we do better? How can we make sure that other vegans don’t go back to eating animals?

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back to eating animals