because i meditate

When I started meditating a few years ago, I had no idea how much better I will feel in my body and mind.

Being able to step back more often and see thoughts as something separate that doesn’t define me, has truly improved the way I experience each day as it comes.

It was Sam Harris who managed to convince me that I can meditate without feeling like I need to be religious or spiritual. He showed me the science and the benefits of practising it.

There are times when I have extremely bad days – days when I have dark thoughts and I just can’t seem to do anything right. In those moments, I can, with the help of meditation, witness how powerful thoughts can be when we attach to them.

I also witness how liberating it is to know that I am not the thinker of them.

Because I meditate, I now:

  • Take better care of myself. I see how much help I can offer to others just by being kind to myself and my mind. I prioritize my wellbeing and what I need, knowing that if I am thriving I can help others thrive as well. I am number one on my list of animals I must take care of.
  • Don’t fear myself that much when I look at the dark side. I used to believe that I was a bad person because I sometimes lack empathy but now I can more easily look back at my childhood and see where this stems from. I can clearly understand that this is how my brain started to protect itself at one point and I am more compassionate towards that.
  • Have more focus when it comes to things that matter. I used to be all over the place, trying to do everything that seemed even a tiny bit important. That was a recipe for disaster and failure. Now, I focus on things that bring the most success and I experience more wins as a blogger and activist.

The world is going to be more peaceful when we become more peaceful. The only way to be that way is to take care of our emotions and see ourselves, and others, in a different light.

Using the Waking Up meditation app has made me a better person. Reading books such as Mindfulness and Waking Up has opened my eyes to a different way of living. Things started to change once I became a regular meditator.

I have so many things to improve and so many more lessons to learn, but my life is, as Dan Harris would say, 10% happier because of this beautiful tool I am using.

Knowing that I can control a small part of my mind is a powerful realization and I do not take it lightly. As someone who suffers from depression and social anxiety, I know what suffering feels like – that proper mental suffering that paralyzes you and makes you do very bad things to yourself.

I know how dark I can feel but I also know how helpful one meditation session can be. Just 20 minutes of pure mindfulness can change the whole day for better.

I hope I gave you a small backstage view on what meditation can do for you + I shared some of my favourite resources. Please be aware of the fact that you can improve your life and it takes nothing but a few minutes of focused breathing a day.

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because i meditate