So, you want to be an animal rights activist, huh? Good on ya. We need more people speaking up on behalf of those who are ignored.

I am not necessarily your typical activist; I do not protest or break into slaughterhouses to film videos (hats off to those who do). I am a writer. I write about my vegan lifestyle and the things that I believe can help you. I sit behind my computer and write for hours if I feel like it, and then I write some more.

I have always been very passionate about people doing what they feel most comfortable doing. If you want to live on the beach and teach yoga – I am happy for you; if you want to have a huge company and make billions – tell me everything about it. As long as you bring good to the world, in any form, I support your decision. As long as your work doesn’t harm someone else – don’t stop doing it.

I always had this idea of standing up for something important and creating more peace in the world; it’s a nice thought to have, isn’t it? I think most of us want to be of service to the greater good.

It wasn’t until I became a vegan though, that I realized how badly my voice was needed and how much I wanted to help. It was the first time in my life that I felt my heart beat faster when I thought about how powerful I am in this situation. How much I can do for other animals.

Being the voice for my fellow animals is much, much bigger than me.

We can all find a way to help other animals. There is not only one way of doing it, you have hundreds of incredible ways of being an animal rights activist. We can all find a way to use our talent and abilities for the greater good.

What are you really good at?

What makes you happy?

What talents do you have?

In what way can you make this world a better place for them?

All the answers that we seek are inside of us. We just need to decide that we want to know them. Stop asking everyone else about how you should live your life and if what you want to do will work out. Try! Do something; anything. If you wait until the time will be right and you will know all the answers, you could be waiting forever.

If you love to write – write. If you love to sing – sing. If you love to dance – dance. Find a way to use what you love to help other animals. Write a book about veganism; write a song for all the beautiful beings that have lost their lives; tell your vegan story through dance.

You can always, and I mean always, find a way to share the vegan message through doing the work that makes you happy.

You don’t have to dedicate your whole career to activism; I do not expect you to do that, but you can always do something.

Something as little as one blog post a week, or one video a week. Activism can literally take you only two hours a week and it can reach hundreds of people on its journey.

Imagine taking only two hours a week to film a simple 3-minute video + edit it + put it on YouTube + promote it on your social media. Okay, maybe it will take you 3 hours but you get my point. That video has the potential to reach hundreds of people and maybe inspire a few people to go vegan.

All you did was film one video.

Activism is also not something that we do sometimes, it’s the way we live and talk about veganism to the people. You are a voice for other animals when someone asks you why you chose to live this lifestyle and when someone asks you where you get your protein from (which is such a stupid question, let’s be honest).

You are always an activist, even if you don’t want to be. Some of you don’t want to be an activist; I get it. But you are a voice for those who are ignored and it’s up to you how you will choose to represent the vegan lifestyle.

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