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becoming super woman nicole lapin

Have you ever had a girl crush?

You know, when you see a girl and you totally wish you could be her and wear her clothes and just have a bit of her personality? Nicole Lapin is that for me.

I don’t exactly know how I found her content online but one day I just realized I’ve been following this chick on Instagram that was posting these super cool money tips but also dressed well and was smart but also funny? That’s not possible, am I right? Women who dress well and are funny cannot be also money experts and successful businesswomen!

You know that I was never that person to buy into stereotypes about women and I was taught from a young age that my gender doesn’t limit me – read more about that here – but for some reason, it’s still so hard to find someone like Nicole on social media.

Maybe it’s because I follow mostly vegan activists who hate capitalism, or because an average Instagram model, from my research, doesn’t even know who Nikola Tesla was, but I didn’t think it was possible that I will ever find what I was always looking for.

A woman who looks good, has an actual personality and is super successful.

You may think I am joking, but I am serious when I say that before Nicole Lapin I couldn’t find a real-life woman to look up to. Either they were badass CEOs but moms who dressed in boring clothes, or smart women who acted like robots. Okay, Marie Forleo is also someone whom I look up, I totally forgot about her. Sorry.

That’s why reading her book Becoming Super Woman was fun and entertaining and made me laugh. 

nicole lapin becoming super woman

Nicole may talk about mental health, balance and self-care in the book, but she does it in a way that you don’t feel like there is something wrong with you if you struggle. You imagine sitting on a couch with her, drinking tea (I don’t drink alcohol so buh-bye wine) and talking about your latest therapy session – and you are empowered by it.

She opens up about her traumatic childhood, her diagnosis and how she embarked on the journey of healing from what was holding her back – and she didn’t even know it! 

But above all, she takes her own experience with learning how to take care of one’s mental health and helps the reader do the same thing. No woo-woo teaching, shaming or blaming someone else. No, she helps you take your life in your own hands and create a masterpiece out of the mess.

The book Becoming Super Woman is filled with exercises, hot tips, confessions and, my favorite, science! Yes, actual science and you know damn well that I only trust what is proven to work. If you are like me and you crave self-help books that are not written by spiritual gurus who think essential oils will cure everything, then this book is for you.

Please learn more about the book here and follow Nicole on Instagram – she is like the coolest woman on Instagram right now.

I will talk to you soon,


becoming super woman nicole lapin book review