The school system is broken, but what is not broken is the human spirit and a belief that we can make a difference.

I see so many young people wanting to be good to Earth in school but they struggle because they don’t think they have any power there; that they can’t make important decisions, which is super sad when you think about it.

It’s been a long time since I went to school but I will try my best at remembering the old times and giving you three tips that you can try on your own.

The future is in the hands of young people. The next generation will have to deal with the problems we are causing today but they will also be the ones who will have the power to make sure humans don’t die in the next 200 years.

It’s our responsibility to raise good human beings that are aware of their place in the world, their obligations, and responsibilities; and also their own power which can be used for good.

We need to empower our children and raise them with the necessary knowledge for survival. Our society is getting brutal and cruel, every day more, so put on the gloves and teach them how to fight.

But before that, there are things you guys can do today while in school to protect our planet.

If you are ready, we shall begin. Here are three tips for being eco-friendly at school:

  • Choose the vegetarian menu. Most schools that I know of have a vegetarian menu for those who don’t want to eat meat. Take advantage of that! By now we are all aware of the horrifying things the animal agriculture is doing to the environment so not eating meat in school is a big step towards lessening the impact climate change will have. It would be better if it would be vegan – and I am sure some schools have the vegan option – but it’s better than nothing.
  • Only carry in your bag what you need the most. I know, girls, it’s cute to have 40 different colourful pens in your pencil case but is all that plastic really good for our mama Earth? You only need, at most, 4 pens and a rubber. You are in school to learn, so use the time to educate yourself and not for showing off your collection of stuff that you don’t actually need. Minimalism is now trendy, so give it a try.
  • Carry with you a reusable water bottle and ditch, once and for all, that ugly plastic bottle that you buy in the store, which ends up in our oceans and in the belly of whales and sharks. Invest 10€ and you will have fresh, clean water in your bag every day, no pollution included. Just remember to fill it up every morning and between classes!

What do you think? It’s much easier being eco-friendly at school than you thought, am I right?

That’s because being eco-friendly at school doesn’t need to be hard or challenging. Yes, at first it may suck because you will surely forget your water bottle at home and will buy water in the store, but the more you remind yourself that you are saving the planet, the sooner you will subconsciously remember to put it in the bag.

Let me know in the comment section how you manage being eco-friendly at school and let’s discuss even more ways on how we can be good to our mama Earth while getting smarter.

If you want to know 10 things that you can do to fight climate change, here is a post that I wrote.

I love writing about the environment and being eco-friendly. It helps me live more consciously because I know that I need to walk the walk and not just write what I think others should do.


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