best present

Do you feel stressed just thinking about all the presents you have to buy for the holidays?

Consumerism is our middle name it seems as we are constantly buying things and yet still find that we haven’t bought enough for some of it to be given away. 

I don’t celebrate any holidays or special days – I just wasn’t brought up in a family that gave a shit about these things – so I don’t worry about how much I will spend this season. But many of you are and I want to fix that.

I want to take your hand and pull you back a little bit so that you can see the big picture.

What are the holidays all about? What is one thing that we all look forward to when thinking of birthdays, national holidays and religious celebrations?

We think of the time we will spend with people we love and care about.

We look forward to long dinners with our loved ones, baking sessions, skiing trips and the joy of singing well-known tunes together with a cup of tea in hand. We are looking forward to spending time with people whose presence we value.

Why then are we obsessed with spending money on things they don’t really need?

Why do we put thought into what presents to buy and not on how to get the most out of the moments we spend together?

That’s why I want to challenge you this holiday season to give a present no one else will give.


  • Who do you want to spend more time with?
  • Why do you want to spend more time with them?
  • What do you usually do when hanging out?
  • What is one thing you always wanted to do with them but never found the time for?
  • How can you plan for this to happen this holiday season?
  • Will you have to spend some money to spend more time with them (if you want to go to lunch, for example)?
  • When exactly will you spend time with them? Put it on the calendar to remember the date.

Answer these questions to get a clearer idea of how you can be a GGG – great gift giver.

Since we are all very busy and keep finding new things to occupy ourselves with, we sometimes need to plan how to spend quality moments with our loved ones.

With these questions you will come up with a plan for how to give everyone your time – from who you actually want to spend it with, where do you want to spend it, how to make it happen and when you will do it.

As I said, we are busy and Decembers are super hectic for most of us. Planning is a must and if you want to give your time as a gift to those you adore, you will need to know all the details – you do want people to appreciate it and not feel like you are doing it because you are cheap.

I will be honest with you, though. 

Not everyone is able to give time to everyone they love. If you come from a huge family and you will only be surrounded by everyone for a few days, you will probably need to buy a thing or two for those that are not very close to you but you still want to give them something.

Some of you might even feel like people might not appreciate you giving them just time. Which is understandable since we are taught that gifts are supposed to be wrapped in paper and given with a big bow on top of it. 

It’s a suggestion and you can think about it. Perhaps give it as a bonus with a yearly subscription to the Waking Up meditation app or something (I reviewed the app here).

You got this. 


best present