Summer is fast approaching and I can’t think of a better time to upgrade your healthy habits than today. I’m sure you are already taking care of yourself, but improving one’s health has never hurt anybody.

I know for myself that I need to definitely start doing some things that I neglected in the past few months. This last year has been spent on taking care of my mental health and figuring out how to handle everything, so my physical body suffered a bit.

I mentioned a few times in my posts that I was going to therapy and about a month ago I went to a psychologist to go through some tests. I had to answer about 300 questions about myself, I took a Rorschach test and I told her about what has been going on in the past two decades.

A few weeks ago I finally got my answer. Mild depression and very strong anxiety that stems from childhood trauma. I actually thought I would be told I have BPD (I scored high on a chart but wasn’t diagnosed) but it looks like my psychiatrist doesn’t think so.

Yes, I have been very good when it came to my mental health but I was extremely lazy and gained a few kilos in the process. But as I share everything with you, I want to encourage you – and me – to start doing 3 very important things to prepare for summer.

Actually, not only for summer but for overall better health. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look good in the summer but that shouldn’t be the only reason for wanting better health. Who knows how long we will live so might as well try to be healthy until we go back to non-existence.

Here are 3 things you can start doing for better health:

  1. Seek professional advice.

I think that there is nothing greater if we want better health than to visit a doctor or two and get tested for everything. Get your blood checked, go to the dentist, go to therapy and see if everything works great. Last year I did physical tests, this year I did mental ones, and as I said, I got my answers. Now that I know what I need to face, I can actually move forward. I can seek help and try to improve my health, even if it will take years.

  1. Set realistic goals.

I hate the word realistic as it suggests there is a limit to what we can achieve. Yet although I believe we are all capable of doing things that seem impossible, I am aware that being realistic is the best solution when we want to make progress. What do you want to improve? What can you change? How do you want your health to improve in the next 6 months? Maybe you can start by eating healthier foods in which case I can give you some tips here, or you can decide to move your body for 15 minutes a day – I wrote about that here.

  1. Try minimalism.

When you remove everything that is not serving you, you manage to clear out space in your head.  So many of us are unaware that quantity is not better than quality. I ask you to look around and throw away everything that is not making you happy anymore. I mean that. Remove everything and everyone who is not serving you and making your life better.

There are so many things we can do for better health but it starts small. It starts with getting your yearly checkup and finding out if there is something you need to take medication for, or if you need professional help, or to simply find out you are doing well.

None of these tips I shared with you can harm you. You can only go up.

Health isn’t that complicated, you know. You don’t need to hack it or follow all these gurus who claim they have the answers to everything. You also don’t need to follow podcasters who have 100 different medical professionals on who all claim a different solution for better health, yet only 1% actually has science backing them up.

It’s simple, really.

You go to your doctor, you find out how you are doing, you get clear on what you want to improve, and then you eat plants, move your body and have a spiritual practice (by that I mean you meditate, duh). It’s science, bro. No fads, no magic, just pure logic and scientific research.

I hope you will leave a comment below telling me where you are on your health journey. I would also love to hear which one of these tips you will put to practice in the next few days.

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