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blogging tips books to add on your to-read list

Do you like reading books? 

I do. If you are following me on Instagram then you know I am always posting my latest obsessions.

I always have a book with me wherever I go and I am a regular at my two libraries. When it comes to buying books, though, I spend way too much money on them but it’s better to invest in knowledge than buy drugs. Right?

As a blogger and a writer, I am eager to constantly upgrade my knowledge when it comes to marketing, creating content and growing social media following. Reading books that are written with the intention of helping me do just that is a must for me.

If you too are a blogger who wants to create a career out of this, then you will find lots of value in these books I will list below. I hope you give them a read and then come back to tell me which ones you liked best!

Here are all the books you should add on your to-read list if you have a blog:

You will learn: How to figure out any problem and create a life you love.

You will learn: How to create a grand vision for your life and visualize the right steps to take.

You will learn: How to get up after a failure, create a business that stands out and become the boss you know you can be.

You will learn: How to express your genius and be creative in everything you do.

You will learn: Why you must give before you ask for anything in return.

You will learn: How to create a business and embrace being introverted.

You will learn: Why being confident changes everything and how to love yourself no matter what.

You will learn: How to create an alter ego and why you probably need one.

You will learn: Why overnight success takes years and how to create a business that breaks all the rules.

Readers are leaders. Follow me on Instagram for more ideas on what you should read next.

It’s all about having that craving for knowing more than you did yesterday and wanting to improve. If we want to succeed as bloggers, we have to seek inspiration and motivation from people who have done it before us.

Success takes years but time flies quickly when you are growing as a person, blogger and creator. These books will give you just what you need to feel pumped up about the challenges that await you.

Just because we are not in school anymore doesn’t mean learning has to stop. 

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blogging tips books to-read list