online animal advocate

Why I chose to be an online animal advocate.

It was a quote by Martin Luther King Jr that inspired me to become an animal rights activist. Or at least I thought it was said by Dr King. It doesn’t really matter whether or not they were his exact […]

how to stay productive vegan advocate

How to stay productive as an animal advocate.

Cruelty never sleeps and neither should your work as an animal advocate. That doesn’t mean you have to constantly work and not play or rest, but that you must learn how to stay productive and smart. In my 6 years […]

help our wildlife tips

How everyone can help our wildlife.

Remember those videos of wild animals roaming the empty streets that came out during the quarantine? It was so lovely to witness how peaceful their surroundings were when humans had to be locked inside for our reckless behaviour. They had […]

animal liberation cancel culture

Animal Liberation: It Takes A Village.

Whether you want to raise a child or build a company, one person cannot manage to do it alone.  The same rule applies if we want to achieve animal liberation – freeing all individuals from facilities where they are abused, […]

activism tips introverted vegans

5 activism tips for introverted vegans.

Silence is not violence and not screaming about the cause you care about is not the only way to achieve justice for individuals who are suffering. Now that we got this out of the way, how about we focus on […]

use your voice to speak up for other animals

How to use your voice to speak up for other animals.

Each one of us has a talent that could be used for the greater good. Maybe you are a natural at learning computer programming or starting and selling companies. Perhaps you are a wonderful songwriter or a passionate photographer with […]

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