whose life is more valuable

Whose life is more valuable?

You ask me which life holds more value, that of a human or of an animal. I say, do you know both are animals? And if you do know that but are convinced a pigs life is less valuable than […]

my fellow animals

Introducing my fellow animals I share my life with.

This has been a long time coming. I have a vegan blog, I am an animal rights activist and yet I have only mentioned my fellow animals a few times, but I never actually introduced them to you. Not all […]

naming spiders

How naming spiders made me less afraid of them.

If you are human then I bet you have a fear of spiders. Unless you live in Australia; everyone there seems to be okay with animals we fear in Europe. Most of us grew up with this belief that spiders […]

How is my plant-based dog doing? Is he healthy?

About a year ago I wrote about my gorgeous plant-based dog Chuck and my decision to start feeding him plant-based foods. He was only vegan for a few months then and everything was going well. (You can read that post […]

Is PETA harming veganism? How far is too far?

Let’s talk about an organization that kicks ass when it comes to animal rights but is also hated by many. It’s weird I know but let’s talk about it. They are called PETA. People for the ethical treatment of animals. […]

Resources for people who want to help other animals.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help other animals. I rescued stray animals and gave them a home and cared when they were hurting. Although I was not vegan yet and my compassion only […]

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