furry family members

Get to know my furry family members

Today I will introduce to you my furry family members. To be honest with you, I had no idea what to write about this week so I decided to turn the spotlight on my furry family members. The animals I share my life with. My angels. So, do you want to get to know Lia, Ariel and Chuck? Chuck (or as I like to call him: Chucky, Čuk or any other random version of his […]

animal rights activists

Animal rights activists are focusing on the wrong thing.

Today, I will write about that one thing, that animal rights activists should focus on more. The thing I am most passionate about, when it comes to animal rights activism, is talking about how to stay happy and positive, even when animals are dying all the time. I know this is my mission as a vegan activist. I used to be so unhappy and angry, that it made me eager to teach others how I […]

buying animals

Buying animals never helps + it sucks

Today, I will talk about why buying animals is not a good thing to do. We buy animals like we buy bread in the morning. We convince ourselves that buying a puppy in a pet store (what an awful word, pet) means we are true animal lovers. That we care for the animals. Of course, we care for that brief moment. But we forget to care about all the puppies in puppy mills that are […]

adopt animals

5 signs you shouldn’t adopt animals (ever)

Should you adopt animals? Maybe not. So, you are thinking about adopting an animal. A dog or a cat, I suppose. Maybe even a rat. Have you ever thought about not adopting? I know, I know. You want to do it and you are convinced that you will be a great parent, but that’s when I come in and tell you that it’s time to step back and think again. I believe some people are […]

kill animals

Kill animals? Because you are afraid of them? A big no.

Today I will talk about why we should not kill animals that we are afraid of. About two months ago I was in the city with my friend – we went to see Spidey (how ironic as you will see) – and while we were sipping on some blueberry juices, she told me that while on vacation she saw this huge spider that she was afraid of so her boyfriend’s brother killed him. I was […]

animal rights activist

Animal rights activist in the making. Want to join?

Today I will talk about how to become an animal rights activist. So, you want to be an animal rights activist, huh? Good on ya. I am not necessarily your typical activist; I do not protest or break into slaughterhouses to film videos (hats off to those who do). I am a writer. I write about my vegan lifestyle and the things that I believe can help you. I sit behind my computer and write […]