animal cruelty

What I say to myself when animal cruelty overwhelms me.

I was reading a book a few hours ago and in it, the author quotes people who work at slaughterhouses. They talked about how pigs fight for their lives and how they beat them until they are screaming, blood pouring […]

companion animals

What I feed my companion animals as a vegan.

As a vegan, I am often asked what I feed our three cats and Chuck, our beautiful doggo. Well, today I will talk about their diets and why I’ve decided to feed them that way. So… Our cats eat meat […]

my fellow animals

Introducing my fellow animals I share my life with.

This has been a long time coming. I have a vegan blog, I am an animal rights activist and yet I have only mentioned my fellow animals a few times. I never actually introduced them to you. Not all of […]

naming spiders

How naming spiders made me less afraid of them.

If you are human then I bet you have a fear of spiders. Unless you live in Australia; everyone there seems to be okay with animals we fear in Europe. Most of us grew up with this belief that spiders […]

How is my plant-based dog doing? Is he healthy?

About a year ago I wrote about my gorgeous plant-based dog Chuck and my decision to start feeding him vegan-friendly foods. He was only plant-based for a few months then and everything was going well. (You can read that post […]

Is PETA harming veganism? How far is too far?

Let’s talk about an organization that kicks ass when it comes to animal rights but is also hated by many. It’s weird I know but let’s talk about it. They are called PETA. People for the ethical treatment of animals. […]

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