our plant-based dog

All about our plant-based dog (+ what he eats).

Two years ago I made a decision to start transitioning our family dog Chuck to a plant-based diet. A few years before that we stopped feeding him canned food because he had problems with his eyes, and afterwards things did […]

animal-friendly lifestyle

7 ways to live an animal-friendly lifestyle.

Let’s be very honest for a minute. Most of us don’t want others to suffer for our pleasure. We just want to have a good time and let others do the same. Sadly, we are complicated and human, so naturally, […]

How to help other animals this year (12 ideas).

Today I want to share with you 12 ideas on how to help your fellow animals this year, no matter what season it is. I am known to spend nights with stray dogs outside, calling 112 and giving them food, […]

Do you want to go vegan but think it will be too stressful? 

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