environmentally-friendly things

12 environmentally-friendly things you can do in 2020.

Are you up for a little challenge? Today I want to talk about 12 environmentally-friendly things you can start doing in 2020 that will make you more eco-conscious and kinder to our planet Earth. Our home is in pretty bad […]

pro-choice pro-life

Can I be pro-choice and pro-life at the same time?

Abortion was never a topic I dreamt of writing about on my blog. It’s just not, you know, something I thought much about. I wrote about it in this post here, but much has changed since then and I have […]

trees anxiety

How trees help me with anxiety.

A few months ago I was sitting on a bench and waiting for a train. Anxiety was holding me hostage for hours already but I had to go to the city and push through. It’s something that happens every time […]

shopping second-hand

2 tips that make shopping second-hand so much better.

Last year I wrote a post about second-hand shopping and the benefits of doing it, but today, after getting used to doing it myself, I have 2 tips that will make the experience even better. I don’t buy much because […]

who cares what other people say

Who cares what other people say, anyway?

Do you like the song New Light by John Mayer? I got the idea for a title from the song and it’s a great song so maybe this will be a great post. Who knows. A few months ago I […]

companion animals

What I feed my companion animals as a vegan.

As a vegan, I am often asked what I feed our three cats and Chuck, our beautiful doggo. Well, today I will talk about their diets and why I’ve decided to feed them that way. So… Our cats eat meat […]

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