vegans daily companion

Book review: Vegan’s Daily Companion.

I talk about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau every time I want to inspire you to be a kind vegan. It is something I never thought about before I learnt about her work. To me, screaming and shouting about murder and rape was […]

poor people climate change

Should poor people care about climate change?

Everything I do as an activist is with the intention of inspiring people to take responsibility for the state of the world. I know capitalism is not perfect and that many people are fucking up the world just for money […]

tips for going vegan 2020

8 helpful tips for going vegan in 2020.

How can you make this decade the best decade yet?  By being kinder to yourself, Mama Nature and your fellow animals, of course! I know you have a big heart and you crave change, so I want to help you […]

veganism and depression

Navigating veganism and depression at the same time.

I see so many people wishing they could go vegan but feeling like depression is stopping them. I know what they mean, though, since depression alone is hard to deal with, and then think about adding a lifestyle that is […]

feeling empty

Things to do when you are feeling empty.

Sometimes emptiness arrives overnight and sometimes I can feel it slowly approaching for weeks before it finally consumes me. It’s scary and I hate when I am completely in it, but it’s something I had to accept. After years of […]

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