have babies environment

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have babies.

I often hear my fellow environmentalists and vegans say that having babies is unethical because of overpopulation. They proudly say they have decided to not have children and even promote the idea of sterilization. Many even go so far as […]

practice non-attachment

How to practice non-attachment as a vegan activist.

Although I am not a Buddhist, I do live according to some of the Buddha’s teachings. Like mindfulness, doing no harm, practising non-attachment and being aware of the impermanence. I think of it more as a philosophy and not a […]

healthy habits to adopt

4 healthy habits to adopt in 2020.

Today I want to touch an area of healthy living that we don’t often talk about. Usually, when we discuss healthy habits and what changes we could make in our lives to feel good, we talk about working out, eating […]

when someone hurts you

3 things to remember when someone hurts you.

We’ve all been hurt before. We opened our heart and loved someone who seemed worthy, only to eventually get to the point where breaking up is inevitable. If there is one thing I know for a fact, is that we […]

focus on what you can do

Focus on what you can do for other animals.

The easiest thing we can do is look around and compare our deeds with that of others. Are we doing enough? Are they? With social media, we get even easier access to seeing what other individuals are up to. That […]

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