focus on what you can do

Focus on what you can do for other animals.

The easiest thing we can do is look around and compare our deeds with that of others. Are we doing enough? Are they? With social media, we get even easier access to seeing what other individuals are up to. That […]

moisturizing hair conditioner alverde

Review: Moisturizing hair conditioner by Alverde.

You know I am obsessed with the brand Alverde. Almost every product I use is made by them. From their wonderful cleansing cream with clay to a foundation that is the closest thing I will get to my skin tone. […]

cleansing gel afrodita

Review: Cleansing Gel by Afrodita.

I mentioned a couple of times that I have very, very bad skin. I’ve had it ever since I turned 13 and there hasn’t been a day when I had clear skin. Ever. Last year I decided to try everything […]


7 ways you can be of service to Earth today.

Being surrounded by forests makes me very conscious of the harm we are doing to our planet. We are losing touch with nature and distracting ourselves with new toys and tools. Anything is better than to start making a change […]

afraid of dying

Life after God: Am I afraid of dying?

Around 3 years ago I officially declared myself an atheist. A year after that happened I realized life is very ugly and cruel, and that I am just not excited about anything. Suddenly I was without faith and Sam Harris […]

having vegan friends

Having vegan friends is not necessary.

One of the four tips I usually gave to people when asked about how to go vegan and handle all the changes was to have vegan friends. Actually, it was to go out there and find a vegan community. I […]

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