Quick tips for new cat parents.

Before I start, I want to share with you why I haven’t used the words pet or owner in the title. Because I do not see myself as the owner of anyone and having animals at home is a certain […]

Small animals matter. How can YOU help them?

It’s kind of disturbing how we forget about the insects and all the small animals of the world when talking about animal rights. The only tiny animals that are mentioned are the bees, and even they are often forgotten. I […]

Climate change is real & you need to help us fight it.

Being a vegan, I have learned about how my lifestyle is good for the environment pretty early. The feeling of knowing that I am not supporting the destruction of our planet is truly incredible. Of course, there are many other […]

Vegan message in movies. What should you watch?

Watching a documentary with an important vegan message can be transforming and in one hour your life can turn around completely. With me personally, it started with Earthlings, continued with Cowspiracy and every week I take time to grow into […]

Adopting a dog? Here is what you should know.

One of the greatest beings on this planet are dogs (big dogs for me especially); I grew up with those magnificent creatures around me and have the pleasure to share my life with one right now. And because buying an […]

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