Who are strict vegans and what is their problem?

We often hear about strict vegans and how they are not able to enjoy life because of their radical lifestyle. How awful it must be for them to not enjoy a steak every now and then, or how miserable they […]

Smoking kills animals. Will you stop now?

I bet you didn’t know that cigarettes are tested on innocent animals, huh? Why would you, it’s not like cigarettes say that they kill if you smoke them (spoiler – they do). Smoking is one of the most disgusting habits […]

Animal rights activist in the making. Want to join?

So, you want to be an animal rights activist, huh? Good on ya. We need more people speaking up on behalf of those who are ignored. I am not necessarily your typical activist; I do not protest or break into […]

Best self-care tips for a vegan warrior.

Way too often we forget about taking care of ourselves when fighting for a bigger cause, such as animal rights or the environment. We were led to believe that we must sacrifice our health and happiness to bring safety and […]

Vegan lifestyle: What is it and how can you create it?

I think people don’t really understand what I mean when I talk about living a vegan lifestyle. They think that veganism is only about eating plants and that’s it. Totally not it. Living a vegan lifestyle can seem complicated at […]

Sea animals need us. How can we help them?

Summer is in its full force so I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a few tips on how to help sea animals that are exploited more than any other animal on this planet. Fish are quiet and […]

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