create good content

How to create good content for your vegan blog.

Creating content is one of the most challenging things we face as bloggers. After five years of writing every day and publishing over 270 blog posts (not counting those few hundred that are deleted), I sometimes feel that I cannot […]

blogging journey

My 5-year blogging journey (the whole story).

December, 2014. That was the month and year when my blogging journey truly began and when I decided to create something that was mine and mine only. I wish I could say that my intentions were pure and the only […]

fc barcelona

What FC Barcelona taught me about blogging.

I’ve been a culé for a bit over a decade. I fell in love with Barcelona before Pep helped us reach the stars and before the world celebrated FC Barcelona in a way it does now. I was there before […]

blair waldorf

8 lessons Blair Waldorf taught me about blogging.

Today I want us to look at one of the most powerful and inspiring characters we ever had on television. I want us to look at the one and only Blair Waldorf from the TV show Gossip Girl. Yes, the […]


Great blog post ideas for eco-bloggers.

While I was focusing on helping my fellow vegan bloggers grow their readers and write helpful posts, I completely forgot about my fellow eco-bloggers. So today I want to focus on those of you who have beautiful websites that are […]

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