be kind to earth tips

7 simple things you can do to be kind to Earth.

It seems like this year really provided us with an opportunity to become kind to Earth through our actions. During the quarantine phase we saw other species of animals roam the streets and return to parks, the waters cleaned and […]

environmentally-friendly decisions

How to make more environmentally-friendly decisions.

Looking around at the world that we live in, it’s not hard to notice that much needs to be fixed. From the school system and college debt to police brutality in the US and Russian bots drawing more and more […]

vegan products of the month

4 favorite vegan products of the month.

I love finding great vegan products that I can share with others. After 5 years of living this green lifestyle, I have learnt that no matter how normal eating only plants and not exploiting other animals is, you still get […]

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