15 things you can do for the environment

15 things you can do for the environment.

The weather is so lovely this time of the year, isn’t it? It also brings me so much joy watching deer walking among colorful trees and quietly looking for food. Nothing compares to living in the countryside and seeing these […]

use less plastic tips

Use less plastic with these 3 tips.

I was stalking a few people on Instagram who are big into bullying those who are Conservative or not zero waste – which is a very wide territory they are covering – and I wanted to share my thoughts with […]

eco-friendly tips

Eco-Friendly Tips I Think Everyone Should Know.

Look at the beautiful summer we are having. Although I am not a big fan of the heat, I do enjoy nature and flowers and all the ice cream available at the store.  Do you know what worries me, though? […]

shopping second hand tips

How to make shopping second hand more enjoyable.

Look, I’m not going to lie and say that I love shopping second hand. I’m never sure if the clothes are clean after I wash them and who knows who wore them and where they were. But I am an […]

tips fight climate change

5 things anyone can do to fight climate change.

We really stopped talking about climate change, haven’t we? So many important things are happening around the globe that we quietly pushed the discussion about how to fight climate change in the corner. It’s truly disturbing because long-term most of […]

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