have babies environment

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t have babies.

I often hear my fellow environmentalists and vegans say that having babies is unethical because of overpopulation. They proudly say they have decided to not have children and even promote the idea of sterilization. Many even go so far as […]


7 ways you can be of service to Earth today.

Being surrounded by forests makes me very conscious of the harm we are doing to our planet. We are losing touch with nature and distracting ourselves with new toys and tools. Anything is better than to start making a change […]

poor people climate change

Should poor people care about climate change?

Everything I do as an activist is with the intention of inspiring people to take responsibility for the state of the world. I know capitalism is not perfect and that many people are fucking up the world just for money […]

vegan products of the month

4 favorite vegan products of the month.

I love finding great vegan products that I can share with others. After 5 years of living this green lifestyle, I have learnt that no matter how normal eating only plants and not exploiting other animals is, you still get […]

your ego

Choose Mother Earth Over Your Ego.

Are you one of those people that make fun of Android users (like me)? By that I mean, are you an immature prick that puts a lot of value on how rich people think you are? If yes, this post […]

more environmentally-friendly

Start Being More Environmentally-Friendly Today.

It’s very popular to talk about climate change on social media and call yourself an activist when you don’t even lift a finger to act on your words. Everyone wants to be loud, no one wants to actually walk their […]

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