Mental health

healthy habits to adopt

4 healthy habits to adopt in 2020.

Today I want to touch an area of healthy living that we don’t often talk about. Usually, when we discuss healthy habits and what changes we could make in our lives to feel good, we talk about working out, eating […]

when someone hurts you

3 things to remember when someone hurts you.

We’ve all been hurt before. We opened our heart and loved someone who seemed worthy, only to eventually get to the point where breaking up is inevitable. If there is one thing I know for a fact, is that we […]

veganism and depression

Navigating veganism and depression at the same time.

I see so many people wishing they could go vegan but feeling like depression is stopping them. I know what they mean, though, since depression alone is hard to deal with, and then think about adding a lifestyle that is […]

feeling empty

Things to do when you are feeling empty.

Sometimes emptiness arrives overnight and sometimes I can feel it slowly approaching for weeks before it finally consumes me. It’s scary and I hate when I am completely in it, but it’s something I had to accept. After years of […]

less depressed tips

Less depressed with these 5 easy tips.

This past year I have been super open about my continuous struggles with depression and anxiety.  I wrote tens of posts about it and urged you to seek help if you are in the same boat as I am. I […]

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