Get to know me through 10 random facts.

After 5 years of blogging, I think it’s time for me to write down a few facts about me that will help you get to know me better. I am pretty honest already so reading my posts definitely gives you […]

what i eat as a vegan

What I eat as a vegan (with photos).

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, then you know what I eat on a daily basis because I often post on InstaStories. But if you aren’t following me, then I want to write here about what I […]

my fellow animals

Introducing my fellow animals I share my life with.

This has been a long time coming. I have a vegan blog, I am an animal rights activist and yet I have only mentioned my fellow animals a few times, but I never actually introduced them to you. Not all […]

acting school

3 things I’ve learnt in acting school.

Back in 2015, I experienced a life-changing moment while watching the movie Kingsman. I suddenly felt the need to become an actress. It’s not as silly as it sounds since I was always a whore for fame and show business […]

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