i made a mistake as a vegan

3 times I made a mistake as a vegan (and an activist).

We don’t often talk about the times we made mistakes as vegans. That’s because it sounds so serious. Like we went out and killed a pig with our bare hands just because we felt like it.  Also, because we know […]

blogging journey

My 5-year blogging journey (the whole story).

December, 2014. That was the month and year when my blogging journey truly began and when I decided to create something that was mine and mine only. I wish I could say that my intentions were pure and the only […]

stay healthy and fit

4 things I do religiously to stay healthy and fit.

I was always big on sports as a child and a teenager. I trained dancing and volleyball as a child, and in my teenage years, I competed in long-distance running and throwing a ball (it’s a thing okay). Well, I […]

companion animals

What I feed my companion animals as a vegan.

As a vegan, I am often asked what I feed our three cats and Chuck, our beautiful doggo. Well, today I will talk about their diets and why I’ve decided to feed them that way. So… Our cats eat meat […]

Why Sam Winchester is so important to me.

Here it is. The very last season of Supernatural has arrived and soon our boys will, hopefully, find peace. I am planning on writing a tribute to the show where I will talk about how I started watching it and […]

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