Plant Based Eating

Do vegans get enough protein? Where from?

What is the most common question you get asked from non-vegans? Of course, it is the old protein question and where to get it from. Protein seems to be the main concern of every single person who even slightly considers […]

Being a small town vegan: 4 tips for survival.

The population number in a town where I currently live in is a few thousand humans. It’s hard to find an exact number because we are so small that no one cares how many of us are here. The point […]

Essential vegan tips that will help you this year.

I wrote a bunch of posts where I share vegan tips with you, but I want to focus on this year and what I believe we must do in 2019, to create healthy and beautiful vegan lifestyles. I’ve decided to […]

Here are ultimate vegan resources for newbies.

Here you are, interested in going vegan. This is one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life, trust me on that one. I know that sometimes you get too tired of searching for information all across […]

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