vegan hair conditioner

The best vegan hair conditioner I ever tried.

I was never really happy with my hair if I am honest. I have a very round face and my hair is too wavy and doesn’t grow fast so I just can’t seem to have a good relationship with them. […]

let go

Why we don’t let go of what still haunts us.

How often do you remember something you said to someone that you regret so badly that you just want to disappear right there and then? Or how often do you see someone who has hurt you very much that your […]

motivate myself to workout

3 clever ways I motivate myself to workout.

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of having abs like Rachele Brooke Smith (look at them), especially since I was obsessed with Bring It On movies and she was in one of my favorite ones from the franchise. Sadly, […]

changes in your personality

How to be okay with changes in your personality.

Science tells us that we can change our personalities, but we have to believe we can*. For example, if we grow up thinking we are the way we are and this is who we will remain to be, we will […]


I used to pretend I wasn’t self-harming, but I was.

I never talked about this before because I felt like it wasn’t important. After all, the way I self-harmed didn’t cause me to bleed or pass out. I just did it to punish myself and get the anger out. I […]

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