sam harris quotes

3 quotes by Sam Harris to inspire you.

And we are back to the most mentioned person on my blog. Sam Harris. If you are not familiar with Sam Harris by now, let me tell you about him. Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher, podcast host and a […]

when you meditate

How the whole world benefits when you meditate.

I want to start this post by sharing with you an excerpt from one of my favorite books that I mentioned in the past, Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein. Our practice also benefits others through the transformation of how we are […]

meditation matters vegan

Why meditation matters when you go vegan.

I am a big advocate for meditation. I believe that sitting down every day and focusing on your breath is the most efficient way to deal with life’s problems. Mindfulness is a tool every person should be using. I wrote […]

vegan foundation catrice

My go-to vegan foundation by Catrice.

Is your skin so white in the winter that you literally cannot find a foundation that works? This is basically my life story and if you relate, read further. The second the weather gets a bit colder in September and […]

kamill vegan hand cream

Let’s talk about Kamill – vegan hand cream.

Raise your hand if your hands get dry if you don’t use a hand cream every 3 hours! *raises hand* I hate having mixed skin, I really do, because my face is super oily and my hands get dry if […]

vegan hair conditioner

The best vegan hair conditioner I ever tried.

I was never really happy with my hair if I am honest. I have a very round face and with my hair being wavy and wild it just makes my face even rounder. That’s why I never really took care […]

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