best present

Why time is the best present you can give. Yes, time.

Do you feel stressed just thinking about all the presents you have to buy for the holidays? Consumerism is our middle name. It seems as we are constantly buying things and yet still find that we haven’t bought enough for […]

watching football

5 life lessons I’ve learnt by watching football.

I am always interested in learning about life lessons people learn by watching shows, reading books or just being fans of a sports club. I think it is fascinating how many hidden gems we can find on the pages of […]

pro-choice pro-life

Can I be pro-choice and pro-life at the same time?

Abortion was never a topic I dreamt of writing about on my blog, or on any other platform. It’s just not, you know, something I thought much about. I wrote about it in this post here, but much has changed […]

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