before going vegan

3 questions you should ask yourself before going vegan.

Today I want to talk about some questions I wish more new vegans asked themselves before actually embarking on this journey. I find that a lot of problems newbies encounter in the first few weeks of being vegan stem from […]

resources people who are going vegan

My best resources for people who are going vegan.

I am a slut for a good resources post. I love when I have everything I need to know put in one place where I can easily search around and save the post in one click. It’s so much better […]

meditation matters vegan

Why meditation matters when you go vegan.

I am a big advocate for meditation. I believe that sitting down every day and focusing on your breath is the most efficient way to deal with life’s problems. Mindfulness is a tool every person should be using. I wrote […]

vegan foundation catrice

My go-to vegan foundation by Catrice.

Is your skin so white in the winter that you literally cannot find a foundation that works? This is basically my life story and if you relate, read further. The second the weather gets a bit colder in September and […]

kamill vegan hand cream

Let’s talk about Kamill – vegan hand cream.

Raise your hand if your hands get dry if you don’t use a hand cream every 3 hours! *raises hand* I hate having mixed skin, I really do, because my face is super oily and my hands get dry if […]

vegan advocate

What to post on Instagram as a vegan advocate.

The worst part of being an online vegan advocate is when you are struggling with producing content to post on social media or your blog. We chose this form of activism because we know how important it is to be […]

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