animal rights activists

Animal rights activists are focusing on the wrong thing.

Today, I will write about that one thing, that animal rights activists should focus on more. The thing I am most passionate about, when it comes to animal rights activism, is talking about how to stay happy and positive, even when animals are dying all the time. I know this is my mission as a vegan activist. I used to be so unhappy and angry, that it made me eager to teach others how I […]

animals are dying

How can vegans be happy, when animals are dying?

Can vegans be happy, knowing that animals are dying? Today I talk about that. The question that every vegan fears answering. How can one be happy and content, when trillions of land and sea animals are dying each year? How can one see life through the rose glasses, when the reality is so much bitter? The answer is simple. Because it’s the only way one can bring change in the world. Sure, you can be […]

happy vegan lifestyle

Happy vegan lifestyle? That sh** is easy to maintain.

You want to live a happy vegan lifestyle? Let me help you. You went vegan. Good. You learned how to be a happy vegan. Good. But now you are struggling and are searching for ways on how to maintain a happy vegan lifestyle that you know is possible. No worries. I got you. The most important thing to remember is that change can only occur when two beings are vibrating on the same level. If […]

living vegan

Living vegan is not hard at all. I promise.

Is it hard living vegan? We shall find out. I imagine, for most of you, living a completely vegan lifestyle seems like a lot of work. I completely understand why you would think that, but I can assure you that you are wrong. Living vegan means living consciously. It means being aware of your actions and the consequences they will have. It means being aware of what you support with the choices that you make. […]

strict vegans

Strict vegans and the problem with their lifestyle

Today I will talk about those weird strict vegans that do not know how to have fun. We often hear about strict vegans and how they are not able to enjoy life because of their radical lifestyle. How awful it must be for them to not enjoy a steak every now and then, or how miserable they must be to not visit the ZOO and see wolves and koalas in cages. They must be so, […]

smoking kills animals

Smoking kills animals. Will you stop now?

Today I will talk about how smoking kills animals. I bet you didn’t know, that cigarettes are tested on innocent animals, huh? Why would you, it’s not like cigarettes say that they kill if you smoke them (spoiler – they do). Smoking is one of the most disgusting habits anyone could have, and trust me, I would know. I have lived with smokers all my life and I even tried smoking myself. It did not […]